OPI Fiji Collection for Spring/Summer 2017

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I’ve gotta be in the mood to polish. Some times, I’ll walk into a beauty store and completely disregard the polish section. I know, how dare I? That wasn’t the case this time though, I saw the new OPI display and the colorful collection grabbed my attention. I knew right then and there, I needed to get polishing. About time, right? 

Into my cart eight out of the twelve went and a smile crept on my face.

If you’re looking for something completely new, a color that’s never been done, this is probably not where you’ll find that. However, I’m sure once you look at these, sparks of inspiration will fly. C’mon whose spirits aren’t lifted when “happy” colors are presented?!

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Winter Picks | 2016

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We have officially arrived into the land of winter. I say that loosely. Over here where I live, we have been facing jumping back and forth from cool 70-degree weather to extreme winter chills of 20 and below. It’s been a crazy year, with plenty to shake your head about, that all aside, let’s hope that you forget all your woes when your nails hit the light and your polish dazzles.

Maybe to some, that’s a little dramatic, but us nail lovers know that’s just how therapeutic polish makes us feel. So let’s dig into my top ten for winter. These get me excited for the cold weather, even if I’m freezing my butt off!

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Zoya Urban Grunge Collection Cremes Fall 2016

There’s nothing like cracking open a fresh bottle of creme polish and being shocked by it’s one coat perfection. That’s what happened with each one of these from this collection. I’m not even going to hide it, I loved these.

The thing is, by now, I’ve accumulated so much polish that I rarely come across a unique shade. The selling point of these are the formulas. Zoya knows how to do a good creme and these are marketed as one coat cremes, so you know I had to get me some! I cannot resist a stellar creme!

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China Glaze Rebel Collection for Fall 2016

It’s fall. Before we start bringing in the red and the green, let’s embrace what this season has to offer. I’m enjoying the cooler weather and the occasional warm days we’re still getting here in the Mid-Atlantic.
So let’s roll out my reviews of these still somewhat new fall collections. The first of these I have to share with you is from China Glaze.

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Fall Picks | 2016

Today’s the first day of fall? Oh, then this post couldn’t have better timing! I’ll be sharing my top 10 polish picks for fall. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that don’t jump for joy for a PSL, so this is how I choose to get into the fall spirit.

I have tons and tons of polish and recently as I was sorting through my collection, trying to pick out some candidates for this post. I ended up pulling out more than half of my entire stash! I really needed to buckle down and pick my top 10.

This is the season when the ugliest of colors are the most beautiful. You know exactly what I’m talking about! This season is when mustard, pukey green, burnt orange and every shade of brown come out to play. So expect some “pretty ugly” colors in this post! That being said, there’s a little bit of something for everyone, not just the pretty uglies. Hope you enjoy!

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August Favorites | 2016

August has passed and gone, but just because some time has passed, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share with you my favorites during the month. This was sitting in my drafts and I put off making it public. It was a big step for me to even return back to blogging, swatching and polishing. I decided it was time I finally click “publish” and share with you some great polishes that deserve some recognition!

So, here goes:

It’s been a longggg time. I apologize for my absence, these past months have been a journey for me. I’ve straightened some things out, or well, smoothed out some rough patches. I’ve missed sharing my love of polish. I’m slowly getting back into geeking out over nail polish and take that as a sign for me to start blogging again! To ease back into things, today I’ll be sharing my picks for this month.

I didn’t paint my nails very much this summer. After months of neglect, I felt like my nails needed some pampering at the start of this month. I sifted through my collection and pulled out colors that I crave for during the summer. That way all the polishes I wanted to use would be in one place. So in the month of August, I rediscovered not only my love of lacquer, but also some all-time favorites.

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St. Patrick’s Day Mani 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks. It’s been tough and even my love for nail polish isn’t doing anything to help the situation. I am super behind on posts and I have a huge box of new collections I need to get swatched and reviewed. Hopefully, I cant find some time this coming week to really buckle down and get on track again. No promises though, sometimes life just gets in the way. I’m sure everyone can understand that when you get overwhelmed, you need to learn to take some steps back and deal with those things that are bothering you before you can continue on.

For St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would put some effort into my nails again. I haven’t really sat down and done my nails for a while, which is unheard of for me… So, I went and got out some greens and I even did some watermarbling that I am quite proud of!


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