Mani Monday | Glam Polish Never Trust the Living

How was your Black Friday shopping? I actually didn’t buy much. My biggest purchase was this camera I’m now using to improve my pictures. Other than that, I did do some mini hauling. Many indie polish brands were doing exclusive sales and I had been holding out for months in anticipation of these huge savings.

One of those brands is Aussie brand, Glam Polish. I’ve purchased from them before and they’re pretty high on my list of indie favorites. Today, I’ll be showing you Never Trust the Living.

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Essie Wild Nudes

The season of nudes and neutrals. The time is now. So it’s only right that I share with you this Wild Nudes Collection from Essie. A wild nude, essentially meaning tame color. That’s what these are. This collection is for those of you who want some color without committing to an eyesore. Perfect for you to stick in a little color in your polish!

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OPI Iceland Collection FW2017

I’m currently playing the balance game, trying to figure out how to juggle everything in my life right now. Hmm, I don’t think you ever quite figure it out. Once you solve one problem, another one pops up. Just enjoy life as it is, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

We are now well into the fall and winter is most definitely on the horizon. How am I so sure? I need two blankets to sleep. So it’s about time I share with you my picks from OPI’s Iceland Collection for Fall/Winter. At the time of the release, I wasn’t very excited about the collection as a whole. I knew what I wanted and I got them.

I chose a mere three but these three, I am not disappointed with and I have no regrets. Too often I find I buy the same colors over and over again in new releases, then I wind up having a stash of too many dupes!

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Great Lakes Lacquer: First Impressions

Now that I’m back in the game and I am once again embracing my love for polish, I was sucked into the Instagram polish vortex.
I was scrolling through Instagram and suddenly, my eyes locked on this amazing purple polish. I clicked on the account, tracked down the polish, went on the site and the rest was a blur. I placed my first order for Great Lakes Lacquer.

Time to share the wonderful beauties!

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Fall Picks | 2017

Why wait for New Year’s for a New Year’s resolution? I want to start back up this blog and I want it to do well. No more putting it off to the side. My severed nail is all healed and my hands are itchin’ for some swatchin’. What better way to get back in the groove of things than to pick out some of my favorites for fall and share it with you?

Last year was when I started really experimenting with ‘ugly pretty’ colors. You know the ones I’m talking about, the pukey greens, pumpkin puree orange-browns, yea, the colors that are typically UGLY—that is, until this magical time of the year. YES. When the leaves start falling to the brown and I start wrapping up burrito-style in my sheets, that’s when ‘ugly pretty’ shades reign supreme.

Ugly has never looked so flattering.

Ah, I have missed blogging. I hope you still find me (somewhat) entertaining!

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OPI Fiji Collection for Spring/Summer 2017

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I’ve gotta be in the mood to polish. Some times, I’ll walk into a beauty store and completely disregard the polish section. I know, how dare I? That wasn’t the case this time though, I saw the new OPI display and the colorful collection grabbed my attention. I knew right then and there, I needed to get polishing. About time, right? 

Into my cart eight out of the twelve went and a smile crept on my face.

If you’re looking for something completely new, a color that’s never been done, this is probably not where you’ll find that. However, I’m sure once you look at these, sparks of inspiration will fly. C’mon whose spirits aren’t lifted when “happy” colors are presented?!

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Winter Picks | 2016

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We have officially arrived into the land of winter. I say that loosely. Over here where I live, we have been facing jumping back and forth from cool 70-degree weather to extreme winter chills of 20 and below. It’s been a crazy year, with plenty to shake your head about, that all aside, let’s hope that you forget all your woes when your nails hit the light and your polish dazzles.

Maybe to some, that’s a little dramatic, but us nail lovers know that’s just how therapeutic polish makes us feel. So let’s dig into my top ten for winter. These get me excited for the cold weather, even if I’m freezing my butt off!

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