Zoya Party Girls Collection | Winter/Holiday 2017

Remember when I said that just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean I’m going to stop showing holiday polishes? Look what I have today! Zoya’s Winter/Holiday Collection.

As a whole, this collection looked a little disappointing to me. It’s full of reds. Now, no doubt these are some very promising reds, seeing as Zoya has a very good track record, but reds are simply not my forte. Out of the 12 from this collection, half are in some shape, way, or form reds. I picked out 4 from the entire 12-piece Party Girls Collection. Keep reading for a taste!

Let start things off with something free of frills. This is Danielle, a creme polish. It’s a deep purple that can pull blue. It pulls much darker on the nails than it looks in the bottle. The formula was an easy one coater. Great polish that lives up to Zoya’s amazing one coat cremes.

The next is Solstice. This collection is named the Party Girls Collection, so this would be the popular girl at the party, the one that isn’t afraid of unwanted attention, that thrives from it. It’s a orangey coral laced with fine golden shimmer and micro iridescent flakies. Zoya calls it a “sparkling persimmon orange metallic”. The fine shimmer can make this polish seem almost metallic, I guess that’s what Zoya meant by that.

This is a polish that catches the eye, sparkly and bold in a tasteful way. I can see myself using this in the summertime.

Blake is the girl that’s mysterious. She keeps to herself, yet people are naturally drawn to her. They find her interest and want to find out what’s past the hard outer layer. In the bottle it looks almost black, much like OPI Holidazed Over You from their Holiday 2017 collection (blog post). It’s actually a very golden pearlized dark indigo. Zoya describes Blake as a “deep, refined pearl in sapphire blue”.

The jelly base makes it so you can layer it on to add intensity while still being able to see the wispy gold shimmer. I love that they paired such a delicate feminine touch with such a dark, strong color. This is my favorite for sure!

The last is Tawny. Zoya says this is “deep, coppery rose sparkling metallic”. That’s just what this is. The base is a very sheer red so opacity depends heavily on the coppery rose shimmer. The formula on this one is on the thinner side so instead of 2 coats like the other shimmer, I had to go with 3. For that reason, this one didn’t tickle my fancy.

This is the girl at the party that doesn’t know where she belongs. She is beautiful, but she needs to big inside of her to embrace that beauty and encouragement from others. I would probably layer this over another polish.

It seems that in every description, depth was a major factor. It’s great to see a Holiday collection with new takes on reds, these are much warmer than the traditional red around this time and also for a Winter collection to have these darker colors.

I hope it was as fun for you to read my analysis of these polishes and relate them to girls, probably from the younger crowd.

My favorite from the bunch was Blake. I’m a sucker for polishes like this. Edgy vampy base with delicate golden shimmer has my name written all over it, not to mention it’s a jelly! Oooooh. It’s a keeper!

As for the others, I was so thrilled with them. I don’t go from girly reds and pinks, so that’s no surprise! If you are, I think Solstice is unique and worth a look at. ––Oh! It’d be great for a sweet Valentine’s polish! Hmm, maybe I’ll do a Valentine’s nail design with it! YEA!


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