Zoya Wishes Collection (Winter/Holiday 2014)

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! Hello 2015!

Zoya released a beautiful collection this year for winter. Out of the six polishes from the Wishes collection, I purchased four. I was going to get the whole collection to review but I decided to be more realistic. I am not a fuchsia person and I just did not need another plain black polish, so I passed on those two. What was left are these four beauties that in my opinion, are super unique and worth buying! 3 out of the 4 are actually Magical PixieDust formulas, if you’re not familiar with them, just read on to learn and see more.

The first polish that caught my eye was Prim, a metallic bluey purple. The formula was excellent, it was opaque in just one coat. With most metallic polishes, brush strokes showed through but they were soft and weren’t too apparent.

Prim- 1 coat, no top coat

I only have one other purple metallic shade in my collection, Moonlit Woods from Revlon’s Perfumerie line. Moonlit Woods is a lighter purple with less blue and the formula is wetter, because of that, two coats are needed. Of the two, I prefer Prim more because of the blue undertone. The shade is just gorgeous and more unique.

I&R: Prim M&P: Moonlit Woods

Now onto the first of the three Magical PixieDusts, Nori. Of them all, this one’s my favorite. This sapphire blue is packed with glitter and shimmer all in a blue jelly base. There is micro holographic and silver glitter like what’s found in Zoya’s normal PixieDust formulas. What makes it a Magical PixieDust is the chunky glitter mixed in. The larger holographic hex glitter really pumps up the glitz. Take a look at all that holo glam in the shot below.

As with all chunky glitter polishes, be sure to smooth this one out with a nice layer of top coat. Otherwise it’s super bumpy and it naturally dries to a state in between glossy and matte.

Nori- 2 coats, no top coatIMG_3821

If you want something that’s less in your face but similar, there is always Zoya’s Dream. It’s one of my all time favorite polishes. Instead of being loaded up with glitter like Nori, there’s a ton of super fine sparkle. Just take a look below, if you don’t quite understand what I mean.


Thea is the purple version of Nori. The only difference between the two is just the color, they’re exactly the same. Of the two, I prefer Nori just because the Thea is more of a pinky purple rather than a true purple.

Thea- 2 coats, no top coat

Payton is to Thea as Dream is to NoriPayton is a deep cranberry color with fine holographic shimmer. Both Dream and Payton were from the Zenith Collection from Winter 2013. These two polishes are must haves. Seriously, if you don’t own at least one of these two, you need to.


For the last polish I picked up and the last Magical PixieDust of this collection, Imogen is a glitter polish with a black jelly base. The holo and silver glitter enveloped in the black base makes this my perfect New Year’s polish. I had my doubts when I first saw it. I instantly thought of Essie’s Belugaria (yuck!). This is Belugaria done right. Essie, we’re never going to let you forget that mistake.

Imogen- 2 coats, no top coatIMG_3835

This was a solid collection. I had never really liked the PixieDust formula until I tried these. I’m happy with all of the polishes I picked out and happy I didn’t pick up the other two cremes. My least favorite of the ones I bought was Thea. That was only because I like my purple with less pink in them. The other three I absolutely love. My very favorite is Prim. I’ve been looking for a metallic purple with some blue undertones for a while, now my search is over. Plus, Prim will probably be my most used of the whole collection, since I’m more minimal when it comes to my nails.

If you love glitter and you’re always looking for something to out sparkle the others, these new Magical PixieDusts are a fantastic choice. The jelly bases and holographic glitter gives these polishes a gorgeous cosmic look. They do dry with some slight texture but top coat will fix that in an instant if you dislike texture.

If you liked these, you can find Zoya online on Zoya.com or in stores at Ulta. Don’t forget to also check out Dream and Payton from the Winter 2013 collection, they’re perfect for those of you that want something similar, without the chunky glitter and texture altogether.

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