Zoya Matte Velvet for Winter/Holiday 2015

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Just last year, Zoya re-introduced us with the Matte Velvet collection that was originally released in 2009. Now the brand has come out with new shades to join that Matte Velvet line that are brighter than their predecessors. I love this revamp and would love to share these matted down jewel-toned colors full of flecky shimmer with you!

When you give a polish like these a matte finish, you get unbelievable depth and a completely different look. Then when you give it a matte velvet/satin matte finish you get the depth as well as a cozy soft, touchable look.

Keep reading for swatches and my review, as well as a tip on how to keep your mattes from chipping so quickly and to prolong your wear. So let’s bust into these frosted bottles!


Starting with the lightest, here is Aspen. Zoya’a description of all these are spot on and I’ve included it above each swatch so you can see just how accurately and beautifully they put it. I will still try my best to describe it on my own too of course! Aspen has a pearly white base with delicate snowy white fleck shimmer that reflects icy blue and pink. Oh! They’ve done it. They’ve captured the beauty and magic of snow in a nail polish!

This had a great formula for a white, though be sure to allow your polish to dry, otherwise it will get patchy and your polish may drag. I used 3 coats.

Aspen- 3 coats, no top coat
“sparkling arctic white with a micronized diamond pearl fleck”

Aspen- w/top coat

To get what I mean, here’s a comparison with Essie Private Weekend from the summer 2015 collection. They’re completely different. Aspen has a pearly, almost metallic base, Private Weekend has a crelly white base with the softest whisper of shimmer. Just look at the difference in shimmer though. Not even close!

I&R: Aspen, M&P: Private Weekend

Next up is this humble shade of gold, this cozy champagne gold is Sue. It’s elegant and instantly makes me think of a gala or a white tie event. This is such a pretty and elegant color. Suits any lady. Sue has the same delicate pearl fleck shimmer as that found in Aspen and their formulas are very alike. When you add a top coat, the pearl fleck becomes more apparent.

Sue- 3 coats, no top coat
“soft champagne gold with a multi-hued oyster shell pearl fleck”

Now look what happens when you add top coat, sur looks like some luscious bubbly champagne to me!

Sue- w/top coat

Now for the jewel tones. Amal is a bright pinky ruby red with a very warm quality about it. The formula was flawless. It was just one coat and it glided on oh so smoothly. ‘Twas a dream. This is a classic romantic Valentine’s red.

Amal- 1 coat, no top coat
“classic crimson red with a ruby red pearl fleck”

Amal- w/top coat

How does this differ from Zoya’s Posh from the original Matte Velvet collection? I don’t own Posh but from the swatches and pictures I’ve seen, they have different undertones. Depending on your skin tone or preference, you’ll choose one over the other. Amal is a warm red and Posh is a cool toned red. Another thing to consider is that Amal is a brighter, more ember red. Posh is darker and more of a blood red. If reds can give you lobster hands, I think you would probably want to pick the cool-toned one.

This amethyst or pomegranate purple Matte Velvet is Iris. The formula was good but it wasn’t as creamy and opaque as I was expecting. I was really hoping the formula would match that of Amal. This has a strong red under tone and these are my least favorite types of purple. I lean towards bluer purples. I prefer this one glossy rather than its natural finish. That’s when the fleck shimmer gleams and sparkles strongest. It really transforms when you lay down the top coat.

Iris- 2 coats, no top coat
“deep amethyst with a fuchsia pearl fleck”

Iris- w/top coat

Iris is like a combination of Harlow and Savita from the original collection. I have a review on Savita here if you would like to take a closer look.

Now for the one that I was the most excited to try out. When I saw the picture of this collection, this is the one I zoned in on and thought “I need that.” I love emerald greens like this. For these past few years, I’ve actually been on a quest to find the perfect emerald. I’m such a Goldilocks about it! I pick at every little detail! Everything is either too bright or too dark!

This is a vibrant emerald named Honor. The formula was velvety smooth. It was truly a joy to apply! Another one that was just one coat! What is there not to love about this?

Honor- 1 coat, no top coat
“a true emerald green with a tone on tone emerald pearl fleck”

Look how gorgeous Honor looks with a top coat! Like a beautiful sparkling emerald!

Honor- w/top coat

One of the best emerald greens I have is also from the Matte Velvet line from Zoya. Veruschka (review) from the original line is much darker, with a Victorian feel to it. These two are completely different. For me, these are both must haves. I can’t just pick one, they’re both my favorites. Have I found my perfect emerald? Not yet. Hah, I’ll never settle! Let me let you in on something though, this is as close to “the one” I’ll probably ever get. I can bet on that!

I&R: Honor, M&P: Veruschka

To end this collection is Yves. What a fine name for a fine polish. With a fine formula to boot. Another one coater! The shimmer in this polish is more subdued compared to all the others. This sapphire blue makes me feel like a million bucks, especially with that matte velvet finish.

Yves- 1 coat, no top coat
“deep sapphire that’s midway in between indigo and royal blue with a blue pearl fleck”

Yves- w/top coat

There have been many blue metallic polishes released but they don’t exactly compare because they don’t share the same finish. Not only that but these polishes also have a beautiful fleck shimmer in them that completely changes the game. Sure, you can mattify your metallics but you would get the same pearly and glass fleck look that these do. Don’t forget about when you top coat these! Simply gorgeous.

Zoya recommends wearing these without a base coat because it influences the way the polish will apply. If you do choose to wear it over a base coat, I would say to pick one that doesn’t dry down shiny. If you choose a shiny base coat, the polish will tend to slip and slide, altering the feel of the formula. If that’s all you have, make sure you let it dry down completely, just know that your experience won’t be as great. I’m not saying you absolutely must forgo base coat, just be sure to know that it’ll be a little more work that way. Matte polishes usually grip better to your clean natural nail and will wear longer too.

Matte’s aren’t as long-wearing as traditional polishes. If you’re using one and you’d like to make it last, make sure your nails are dry and clean. A tip that I swear by, and many use, is to apply a coat of the matte lacquer, then a coat of a trusted top coat and then another coat of lacquer. Essentially, sandwich a layer of topcoat between your matte polish. Be sure to use a top coat you trust that wears on you well. This seals in the polish and your mani won’t chip as quickly. Try it out and let me know how it works for you! I do hope it helps, even if just a little.

You can also apply one coat of the Zoya Matte Velvet Top coat when you want to refresh you mani and it should extend the wear too.

What about staining? I didn’t run into any staining as I was swatching these but with such pigmented colors, there’s always the possibility. That’s another reason why I firmly believe in the use of a base coat.

These are fantastic! I can’t stop praising them. I’m definitely a fan of the Matte Velvet finish. Everyone’s pulling out their vampiest colors for fall but I’m all for jewel tones right now. These are just what I needed! You know that feeling when you feel like you’ve found something that you didn’t know you were looking for but you actually were looking for? That’s how it felt when I tried these!

So beautiul. Wow. The shimmer is completely embedded into each one. It doesn’t appear grainy. It just flows perfectly togetther. A match made in heaven and that’s the beauty about it.

For a closer look, check out my Instagram @chezadrienneblog


My top picks are Honor and Sue. For a closer look at these two, check out my Instagram @chezadrienneblog! Of course I’ll pick the emerald and I can’t pass up that oyster fleck! I’d also like to mention Amal too. It was the one that made the biggest impression on me. The formula was so smooth. It was so easy to paint on, just so easy! If you get anything from this collection, I urge you to pick one of the four rich jewel tones. Do yourself a favor and grab at least one from this collection! Though I should warn you. Once you try one, you’ll be back for more!

The Matte Velvet Collection is available now for Winter/Holiday 2015. The whole set of 6 retails for $60 or they can be bought separately for $10 each. You can purchase these on their website, Zoya.com, Ulta Beauty stores, Amazon or anywhere Zoya is sold.

For more Zoya, take a look at my review of the Focus & Flair Collections for Fall 2015.



  1. Liza Almazan says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    I love your review on these. It makes me want to go out and buy the others that I didn’t pick up. I always wanted to try the older Matte Velvet polishes but never got around to getting them. When I saw these I was so excited that I would finally try them. As I mentioned before I picked Sue and Honor and was happy when those were your favorites. I can’t wait to try them. I don’t wear matte polish ever so I was very happy to ready your tip on making it last longer. Did you find any of these to stain, especially the 4 darker shades? I always wear base coat and was surprised when I read about them having longer wear time and easier application with no base coat.
    Thanks for the review 🙂 (lizaloveslacquer)

    • chezadrienne says:

      Thank you so much for coming to my blog! I didn’t have any trouble with staining with any of these but I only had them on for a short time. I do believe that due to the high pigmentation of these, they can stain. Zoya recommends not wearing a base coat for the best wear but I’m a believer of the benefits of wearing one. Iris and Yves could definitely be stainers, I would double up on base coat for those. Thanks for reminding me to add this into the review! Looking forward on your thoughts of Sue and Honor.

    • chezadrienne says:

      If your looking for something to start with to get into mattes, these are the perfect place to start. You can try them matte and if you get tried of it, you have the option to put on a top coat without loosing any of its beauty. Personally, I think some of these look even better with a top coat!

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