Zoya NYFW Satin Matte Trio (F 2015)

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is coming fast. On Thursday begins all the fashion coverage on the shows. Even if you’re not a fashion insider, there must be something you’re looking forward to right? I am most excited for all the hot new beauty trends, especially in the nail department. I wonder what colors will be hot this year!

A week or two back, Zoya did a promotion where you were able to score a free trio of their new NYFW shades with any purchase of $25 or more. I jumped on the opportunity to order their freshly launched Naked Manicure Set and also score some free polish! Take a look at these gorgeous fall-ready shades!


This promotion has sadly ended, since the 31st of August. I only just received my order this past Friday so there was no way for me to review these while the offer was running. I hope many of you were able to grab them!

If you missed out, I hope Zoya decides to release them for official sale on their site! If not, I hope these swatches will be able to help you find alternatives to these polishes.

These polishes all dry with a satin matte finish. They all look kind of leathery to me–not a bumpy kind of leather, a sleek one. You’ll get what I mean in a bit when you take a look at those drool invoking swatches!

I have been organizing my polish lately and I’ve sorted out all the fall polishes I plan on using. A color I am most excited to wear again is hunter green because of this, I grabbed the green of the trio to swatch first. Constance is a grungy forest green with an amazingly creamy formula. It was perfect in one coat. This is really no surprise since almost all of Zoya’s polishes are equally amazing. It still blows me away every time! I love finish, it’s ultra trendy and chic. I am so excited to wear this out!

Constance- 1 coat, no top coat


w/top coat

Antoinette is a mauvey taupe. It’s not just a pinky nude color, it’s more complex than that. I couldn’t put any words together when I had this on. All I could think was “Ohhhhhhhh.” That’s actually the only thing going through my mind while looking at this polish right this moment. This color is the perfect fall nude. Sophisticated and stylish.

Antoinette- 1 coat, no top coat



w/top coat

Dagmara is a navy blue with a little bit of teal. I guess it’s a dark teal blue actually. I love this one just as much as the others. Again, this one also has an amazing one coat formula. Fantastic!

Dagmara- 1 coat, no top coat


w/top coat

I love the names. I love the shades. I love these polishes. I whole-heartedly would recommend these to anyone and everyone. It is truly a shame that these are no longer available. If anyone knows a way to get your hands on these, let a sista know! I’m looking for backups!

For the time being, I would say take a look at Zoya’s Satin Matte Collection (also available for purchase on Amazon). It has some beautiful dusty pastel shades that dry in this same finish. If you want something darker, take a look at their rereleased Matte Velvet polishes, I reviewed two of them here. My favorite from that collection is Veruschka. The Matte Velvets aren’t cremes like the Satin Matte polishes, they have some metallic shimmer in them.

There is nothing in my collection that are comparable to these three polishes. Antoinette is darker than any other pinky nude I have. I don’t have anything the same shade of green as Constance. I also don’t have anything that dries to the same finish and texture as these polishes.

Even though these aren’t available for purchase right now, hop over to Zoya’s website right now! They are doing a promotion until the 12th, this Saturday, where you can score their polish for half off! It’s the Nail Polish Exchange that they do yearly, I’ve talked about it before here. Use the code HAPPY to get 50% off your purchase of 6 bottles of polish or more. For more details straight from Zoya, click here. It’s called the Nail Polish Exchange because you have the choice to send back polishes that you don’t want anymore. You’re not obligated to send back your unwanted polish, you can still use the code to get half off even if you decide not to. It’s just, if you have some polish you wanna get rid of, this is a great opportunity! Nail polish should be properly disposed off. It’s a serious threat to the environment if you just throw it into your garbage. Again, read more about that in my past Earth Day post.

Hop over to the Zoya site and be HAPPY! WOOOOO 50% off! You know I already placed my order and a new review will soon be in the works! Follow me on Instagram @chezadrienneblog for a preview of my haul!


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