Zoya Ignite Collection (Fall 2014)

If you’ve looked through my recent posts, I know you may be a little tired of all the Halloween related collections I’ve been showing. Today, I’m going to introduce you to some polishes full of golden shimmer.

Every season, Zoya releases 2-part collections. For this fall, there are the Entice and Ignite collections. The Entice collection didn’t have anything that really entice me. Everything seemed dupe-able. I felt that I have many of the colors already. If you’re looking for some great fall colors in creme formulas, I would recommend checking out the Entice collection or essie’s fall 2014 release, dress to kilt (which I adore, check out my post here).

From the whole fall release, I only picked up three, all from the Ignite portion. I was tempted to pick up Genevieve (from Entice), but when I looked at the bottle up close, I saw the polish had a subtle pearly effect. I was looking for a blue-gray creme, so I was a little disappointed but I searched around and left with another blue-gray with a creme formula, Zoya’s Noot. So if you’re like me and just want a creme gray strictly, I would check out Noot.

Anyway, onto the review…


Deep sultry reds are nice and all, but when you add some gold shimmer, that’s another story. India is a slightly burgundy red with shimmer composed of gold and red. One coat is perfect for this super opaque and smooth polish.

IMG_3382India- 1 coat, no top coat

Here’s another shot with flash. This is really stunning in person.IMG_3389India captured with flash

Yuna is a blue-green gray with green and gold shimmer. I knew I had to have this one. My eyes were drawn to this one when I say the collection for the first time. The formula of Yuna is much thinner than India. The first coat was streaky. but everything was evened out on the second coat.

IMG_3400Yuna- 2 coats, no top coat

After marveling at Yuna on my nails, I was reminded of another polish with gold and green shimmer. OPI’s Live and Let Die from the Bond Collection a few years ago is very similar. Yuna has strong shimmer compared to L&LD and it is much lighter and gray. The biggest difference is that L&LD is a dark blue teal, while Yuna’s a gray. Both are great polishes and they look very similar, but Yuna‘s formula is a little thin, while L&LD is a one coater. Both are great, it’s just a question of preference; light or dark.

IMG_3504Bottle shot: Yuna & Live and Let Die

IMG_3502Index & Right: Yuna, Middle & Pinky: Live and Let Die

Sansa is a deep grape-y purple with intense gold shimmer and hints of green and purple shimmer as well. Like India, the formula is nice and creamy, exactly what you would expect from Zoya. It glides onto the nail. 2 easy coats are all you need.

IMG_3401Sansa– 2 coats, no top coat

Gold shimmery goodness. Due to the strong shimmer in these, removal is a little annoying. The polishes come off easily, but the shimmer just likes to go everywhere. It’s a small issue, really. Make sure when you’re removing, don’t rub the same spot repeatedly with the same spot of the cotton pad/ball. That way whatever shimmer that’s already on the cotton, will not travel all over your fingers and make a sparkly mess. Simply press your soaked cotton pad firmly on your nail and firmly slide down and repeat with another section of the pad. This way, you won’t be using any spot more than once, eliminating any mess.

Overall, I’m glad Zoya decided to release these shimmer fall colors in conjunction to their cream counterparts from the Entice collection. I’m happy with my three choices. These are the three polishes that really appealed or ignited any interest in me. Zoya does such a great job with all of their polishes and I love ordering from their site. Every now and then, they’ll have some great promotions, you can even score some free nail polish! They are truly a great brand.

I would recommend all three of these, but Yuna and Sansa are my true favorites. Out of the three, these two will get the most use. If you only want to try one, I would say to get Yuna for sure. It’s more unique of the bunch and everyone likes a good gray right? Plus, OPI just released a color that looks just like Sansa, I wonder how it matches up. Look forward to a comparison in a future post! Go to your local Ulta store if you want to see Zoya’s fall releases in person, but be warned, you’re gonna leave with at least one.

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