Zoya Focus Collection for Fall 2015

Raise your hand if you participated in the recent Zoya sale! What did you haul? I grabbed a few polishes from past collections I’ve been itching for and also the new fall collections. I already reviewed half of Zoya’s fall release, the Flair Collection. Check it out here if you haven’t yet, I review and swatch the whole collection and there are some comparisons too! This is the third straight Zoya post and the final one, then I’ll be rolling out some new drugstore collections! You excited?

From the Focus collection, I picked up 3 out of the 6. I skipped on the two red polishes (Hannah and Janel), as I knew I wouldn’t get much use out of them. I’m not really a fan of red, well except for my amazing Essie Color Binge (review here)! Still addicted to that color! I also skipped on the brown polish (Desiree) because I knew I wouldn’t use it. I do like a good brown, but honestly, I don’t see myself wearing brown polish very often. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 polishes I bought!


Sia is a bright royal blue creme. I picked this polish up on a whim, I wasn’t sure if it was different enough from other blues to justify purchasing it. The formula on this is exceptional. One coater polish. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Zoya!

This is a very pigmented polish and with all shades like this, remember to use a base coat to prevent staining!

Sia- 1 coat, no top coat


OPI’s Dating a Royal is darker and the formula is thinner. I prefer the creaminess and brightness of Sia.

(L-R) Sia, Dating a Royal

This next color is a deep eggplant purple, an aubergine color, if you will. The trendy fall color. This can definitely be a stainer, so put that base coat to use! The first coat was a little streaky and looked berry rather than eggplant. It built up easily on the second coat, it was opaque and very vampy. This one’s a stainer! I didn’t like that this was so wet and the fact that it stained made me wish I didn’t try it before this last color. I love a good purple, but this one just did not do it for me, I don’t really like how you can see some berry peaking through the edges.

Lidia- 2 coats, no top coat


This color is darker and less red than Essie’s In the Lobby from their new fall collection, Leggy Legend (review here). If you like a shiny berry purple, go for In the Lobby. If you want something deeper and more of a blackened purple, try Lidia.

(L-R) Lidia, In the Lobby

Charli is a pretty ugly shade of olive taupe. What do I mean by pretty ugly? You ever see those colors that are so ugly, they’re absolutely beautiful? Are you completely confused? Just take a look at this color. It’s an ugly green. It’s camo green, essentially a dirty green. It’s the perfect army green and it’s gorgeous! Oh just look at it! That’s one coat too, by the way. Yep. This has made it into my fall essentials!

Charli- 1 coat, no top coatIMG_5201



The Focus collection wasn’t nearly as exciting as the Flair Collection. I love a good creme, but these shades didn’t capture me as much as the shimmers. I am completely in love with Charli and I think everyone needs this polish. The other to were okay, but those shades are as unique and different as Charli. If you’re going to get anything from Zoya’s new Fall releases, that one’s a must have! Also take a look at the second part of this collection, the shimmery metallic polishes in the Flair Collection (review here). The metallic particles are so fine that they look like liquid metal on the nails!

These polishes are available now on Zoya’s website and also in Ulta stores. You can purchase them in a whole set for $54, or separately for $9. I hope you were able to score them for 50% off during the sale! If not, you can always wait for the next sale, while will probably be in a couple months. Ulta always has coupons so you can save some cash that way too. Aside from the full set for $54, the Focus Collection (which includes these cremes) are sold in an adorable mini set for $42. If you want to try the whole collection but don’t want to commit to the full size bottles, that might be a good option for you.

Did you get anything from either the Focus or Flair Collections? What were your favorites? If you didn’t get anything, what’s caught your eye?


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