Zoya Sophisticates | Fall 2017

This is the very last and final fall collection I have to share with you until I start rolling out some holiday posts. It’s chilly out here I know you’re ready to move on with the seasons. Boy, I know I am!

We’ve had three snowstorms so far and it’s not even officially winter! It’s chicken soup and peppermint hot cocoa type of weather, so let’s get through with this!

Beth is an elegant golden beigey nude. Zoya calls this a “soft, sandy, champagne metallic”. I wouldn’t say this is a full on metallic, not chrome-like in the least. It does however have a heaping of shimmery goodness. This color is perfect for any sophisticated night out, or if you’re a french manicure type of gal, try this for taste. The formula is great, just two easy coats that just seem to glide on!


Another shimmer polish, this is McKenna. It’s a creamy beige with a pearl sheen and a drop of pink. Zoya describes it as a “refined pearl in a soft almond”. From initial glance, I thought this was going to be a pain to apply but Zoya impresses again! Another polish that went on with 2 easy coats and I cannot stress how EASY it was!


The next is Tabitha. I’m not going to even hide the fact that this is my favorite out of the collection. This is the one I knew I had to have. The one that caught my eye before the others. I’m not gonna be shy of my love for it! It’s a dark gravel green with pearly finish. In the bottle, it can seem like it leans more on the gray side but on the nails, it’s not as shy. Two coats and Zoya does it again!

I love that they took a deep fall green and paired it with pearl shimmer. The pearl gives the effect of an icy overlay, making this polish transcend just one season.


Zoya’s one of the brands I always recommend to people. They’re not as accessible as other brands like OPI and Essie, but they are just as good, if not better! They definitely hold their own against them.

Each on of these polishes have an incredible formula and deserve to be praised! If you aren’t afraid of greens, give Tabitha a look. If colors scare you, try Beth or McKenna for some elegant shimmer.

Zoya holds sales pretty often and for the holidays, they’ve been having different promotions daily! Make a wishlist and place a large order to increase your savings! That’s what I do!

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