Zoya Urban Grunge Collection Cremes Fall 2016

There’s nothing like cracking open a fresh bottle of creme polish and being shocked by it’s one coat perfection. That’s what happened with each one of these from this collection. I’m not even going to hide it, I loved these.

The thing is, by now, I’ve accumulated so much polish that I rarely come across a unique shade. The selling point of these are the formulas. Zoya knows how to do a good creme and these are marketed as one coat cremes, so you know I had to get me some! I cannot resist a stellar creme!

When I saw August, I knew I needed to put it in my shopping cart. It’s a cement gray that can look dusty blue. I adore colors that are ‘shape-shifters,’ polishes that can look different in various lighting situations. There were some bald patches I needed to cover up after the first coat, so I used two coats for good measure. I do think you could definitely get this opaque with just one coat. The formula was good, I liked that it wasn’t too thick nor thin.

August- 2 coats, no top coat


Mallory is a deep true blue.This is a standard blue, not extremely exciting but a solid basic for your blue needs. It’s very pigmented and I’ve found that like most pigmented blue polishes, this has a slight skunky smell, nothing crazy, just noteworthy. Holy pigmentation! Be prepared with a nice layer of base coat to prevent from staining! Opacity in just one coat and so very creamy.

Mallory- 1 coat, no top coat


The last creme I picked was Wyatt. This jade green is perfect for fall. If you’re tired of pulling out your neutral go-tos, try a green like this. The formula was super smooth and just as easy to work with as Mallory. Another one with crazy pigmentation so be sure to protect your nail with base coat! This lush and rich green creme goes perfectly well with my plaid green scarf I styled on multiple occasions these past couple of months!

Wyatt- 1 coat, no top coat


Here’s a shot of my nails painted with Wyatt and the green scarf I was talking about! Pop on over to my instagram and give me some much appreciated love!

A match made in heaven.

I skipped on the plum and red polishes from this collection because I saw some swatches and they seemed a little patchy on application. I also am not as drawn to those colors and am very happy with the ones I already own, so I thought I’d be fine without them. The last polish from the Urban Grunge collection is a taupey beige that I knew wouldn’t suit my skin tone, it’s much too cool and would look muddy on my warm skin, so I chose to pass on that one as well.

I ended the ones I picked and they were all a breeze to work with. My very favorite would have to be Wyatt, mostly because I was able to pair it with my cozy scarf! Honestly, these all were great! Zoya knows how to make good cremes so if you’re ever in the market for a creme polish, this is the brand to turn to. A good creme is a must. Don’t sleep on Zoya!

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