Zoya Delight Spring 2015

Zoya’s Earth Day sale ends today, April 28. If you’re looking for some great polishes to buy at 50% off, here are my picks from the Delight collection. You thought I was done talking about spring collections huh? Well, here’s another one before we kick into full force on new summer collections.

I have been eyeing this collection ever since it came out. Being the cheap bargainer I am, I didn’t want to pay a full $9 on each when I knew a Zoya promotion would come around if I wanted a little. I waited patiently and a few weeks back, they had a BOGO sale. Sure, I could have waiting a little longer and have gotten them during this sale. I picked up some things and these were part of my rather large order.

The full collection is made up of six polishes. I bought three out of the six. After trying them out, I may have to place an order to get a few more. Keep reading to see my thoughts and swatches.

Tiana is a pastel pistachio green. It’s a very pretty shade of green and I believe it may be named after Tiana from Disney’s the Princess and the Frog. The color is exactly the color of her dress! The formula is good, no complications.

Tiana- 2 coats, no top coat

Tiana is very comparable to OPI That’s Hularious! from the new spring/summer Hawaii Collection. They are similar to each other but not at all dupes. Tiana is warmer and has some yellow mixed in. That’s Hularious! is cooler and has some blue mixed in. Depending on what look you’re more into, that’s the one you should choose if you’ve been on the fence about them.

I&R: Tiana, M&P: That’s Hularious!

I don’t know why I keeping picking up do many light blues. It seems every new collection has a baby blue that I feel I absolutely must have. Hm, I guess I’m just on the hunt for the perfect light blue? To join in this blue quest, here is Lillian. It’s darker than the other blues I have in this family and it has just a touch of green. The formula is thinner than Tiana, yet it is just as easy to apply.

This isn’t a must have polish, like I said, every collection released has a light blue. However, I feel that this one sets itself apart from all the rest. It may be the darkest light blue I own. It’s the color you get when you hold our your baby blue polish in the shade. There’s also a hint of green in the formula that makes the color different from all the other look-alikes.

Lillian- 2 coats, no top coat

This next one was one I wasn’t interested in originally. It wasn’t until I saw all the swatches of it on Instagram that I started to like it. Leslie is a pastel pinky purple with fine pearly blue-green shimmer. The formula was amazing. It glided on like a creme. The shimmer is so fine, it doesn’t affect application. On the nails, it doesn’t show up as strongly as it does in the bottle. I love how this looks on my nails. I dislike pink polishes, but purples with a hint of pink just work! It gives a delicate fresh spring look instantly.

Leslie- 2 coats, no top coat

It reminds me of a more purple version of Pedal Faster Suzi from OPI. I have a post here where I used it in a Mani Monday.

If you liked any of these polishes, you had better rush yourself over to the Zoya website! Today’s the last day of the Earth Day sale. You can score polishes for half off! For more information on the promotion, visit my Earth Day Mani post. Did you place your Zoya order(s) already? What did you end up purchasing?


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