YSL Peace Green for Spring 2016 (LE)

Happy Monday! Today’s post is something I contemplated over and over about for a week now and I thought I just had to share it! Judging from the title of this, I’m sure you can already guess that this polish has taken a huge chunk out of my poor wallet. If you’re ready to fall in love with a luxury polish, go ahead, click that “Read More” and jump on over to my little review.

It was too beautiful not to share! Click to see the wonderful blushing golden green goddess that is Peace Green.


This year for spring, YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) released a collection inspired by the boho chic trend. There are face palettes and other makeup bits, there were two limited edition La Lacquer Couture Nail LacquersLove Pink is a pink opal. Peace Green is described as a green jasper. These two are very feminine pastels that hold a delicate opalescent shimmer.

I decided to skip on the Love Pink because it didn’t seem quite as unique as Peace Green. I knew I needed this green once I laid eyes on it. I walked by the counter, stared and walked away. Huge mistake. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The thought of splurging on this nail polish made me sick. I did a search on the web and took a look at some pictures and before I knew it, I ordered it. Great will power there… Ah, it was a blow to my wallet but it was all worth it.

Yes. I actually believe spending the $27 was worth it. I must be going mad, right?


The feel of this bottle is like something I have never felt before. The combination of the substantial weight and the gold cap gives the illusion that this item is as valuable as pure gold. When I look at this bottle, I feel a mix of emotions. I feel a burst of happiness but a sting of pain. Can you tell I’m never going to get over this purchase?


Peace Green is a minty celadon green that is to die for. When it hits the light just right, you can see a lovely duochrome pink to gold shimmer running through it. Very tastefully done too, not too loud, noticeable but dainty. This is on the sheerer side, I knew this when I got it and it didn’t bother me. Although it’s a thin consistency, it offered decent coverage with two coats. I would go for the third to get complete coverage. You could always just apply one coat over a base color too.

With such a pearly shade, you would expect a brushstrokey mess but this was so easy! The brushstrokes seem to just melt right into the polish. It better perform this way! I paid good money for this!

3 coats, no top coat

The sun has not been on my side lately and it’s been hard to get the right amount of light. I’m not very pleased with the way this polish translated in the pictures with natural light, I wish it would capture it’s beauty! Although the shimmer doesn’t stand out quite as strongly as it does in person, you can see here that this is in NO way a frost! Whooooooo!

3 coats, no top coat

Artificial light to the rescue! Swooning hard over these shots!

3 coats, w/top coat

Close up bottle image.


Take a look at it with the flash. This is what it would look like on a night sunny day. My oh my.


Let’s add in one out of focus too so you can see that pink to gold shimmer!


Oh and then look here! YES. I do believe it was money well spent (still crying inside over the price tag).



Peace Green has been sold out everywhere and it has been hard to find in stores as well. The truth is, it’s a limited edition shade so when it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s going for 3x’s the amount on eBay! Crazy!

I didn’t want to just write up a blog post about something that’s nearly impossible to get your hands on. So I wanted to include as much information as I could so you could get this same look without having to go on a wild goose chase or spending this much.

I haven’t seen anything quite like Peace Green. However, I must mention some polishes that are at least comparable! These are both from indie brand and I’m not surprised from this. They always make the trends before they start! Copper Patina from Emily De Molly ($10) has the same pink to gold duochrome shimmer but the base color is darker and more turquoise. For an option that is extremely similar, there’s Matcha Latte from Takko Lacquer ($12). This seems to be the same base color as Peace Green but from the swatches online, I don’t see a gold shift. Wanna know something funny? In the same collection from Takko Lacquer is actually a pink that looks nearly identical to the other YSL shade, Love Pink. It’s called Coquettish, however it seems like it’s a darker pink. The last possible dupe is one from Moo Moo’s Signatures named Bunny’s Secret Garden ($10.88). This one also looks similar, there’s a holographic shimmer in this one. All the prices I have listed here are in US Dollars.

Don’t want to dish out the cash? I got your back. For the budget friendly option, choose a green similar to this, try Going Guru from the new Essie resort collection. The green will be the base color and then you just add a pink/gold shimmer topper. I would go for one that’s more of a glass shimmer, where you can’t pick out the particles. I have only stumbled upon ones that are more shimmery but they will give the same overall effect. They’re both at drugstore prices too! Revlon Pink Glaze ($3.99 on drugstore.com) and Color Club Bright Lights Big City ($4.99 on Amazon) are great options.

300 ccbright
Image from drugstore.com, image from Color Club website

Shimmer toppers or effect toppers are great ways to breathe new life into the existing shades in your collection. You’ll be able to add a whole new dimension to any polish. This was why I wanted to post this up. I wanted to tell you about a polish that is amazing and to let you know you can get the same effect for less than $5! I think the pairing of a pastel shade and a shimmery topper of the opposite color would look gorgeous! OH. My gears are working. I need to bring the color pairing I’m thinking into life! That’ll be coming soon… (;

Hope you got something out of this jam-packed post! Have fun topping off your pastels! I hope this may have inspired you to transform your plain polish colors into ones that look just as great as a $27 YSL polish!



  1. Ariadna says:

    Oooh that’s a really pretty shade!!! I can see how $27 is well justified!! This reminds me a little bit of an old Maybelline polish I had way back in the 2000’s (yikes!) but if I remember correctly it was a little more blue than green, still soft with that pinky shimmer that you’re talking about, so pretty!! Anyway, maybe somebody in the drugstore will dupe this color and make it more accessible for everybody. Thanks for giving us the option to dupe it, I appreciate it!! 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      I’m waiting on that day! Since YSl is owned by L’Oreal, I can definitely see them releasing something similar. No, thank you for making me feel like this was a good decision! HAHA

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