New Look: Wet n Wild Wild Shine for 2015

Wet n Wild has done a huge revamp of their permanent Wild Shine line new for this year. I spotted them, grabbed two, and luck would have it they were also on sale. Score! That was even more of a reason I just had to try them.

The polishes have a totally new bottle design and a reformulated formula. Their old Wild Shine polishes performed superbly, so I was extremely interested to try out this ‘new and improved’ version. I grabbed two for review, a raspberry creme and baby blue creme. Are they better than the old? Or are they just another ‘Pacific Blue’ story? Keep reading to see the verdict.


Wet n Wild is an affordable brand with exceptional quality to back it up. They must have noticed people weren’t paying much mind to their Wild Shine line and decided a major revamp was in order.

Sleek packaging? Cool. Less product? Not cool. Yep. The new bottles have 0.41 fl oz versus the old bottles with 0.43 fl oz. Less product for the same price? Not cool. Less product but better formula? Cool.

So although there is less product in the new bottles, the formula is impeccable. I think 0.02 ounces less is a relatively small price to pay for that! I mean, when’s the last time you’ve finished a whole bottle of nail polish?

(left to right) Old Design (normal & limited edition packaging), New Design

L-R: Listening to Blue Reed, Putting On Airs

The new bottle design is sleek, but the new caps are a bit clunky. Although this is true, the curve of the cap is actually quite helpful. You can rest your index finger comfortably against the curve and it makes polish application easier. It’s pretty much the same idea as the new Julep wand.


So sure, it’s a good thing I guess. The caps are sleek and comfortable to hold. Wait, what about the limited edition Wild Shine polishes? Will they also be in this bottle? They were so cute in the previous bottles with white caps! Here’s a throwback to their Summer Festival Collection for 2014, which is wear the polish pictured below, Chambray Showers is from.

(L-R) Listening to Blue Reed (original packaging), Chambray Showers (LE packaging)

Let’s start things off with a creamy berry shade named Grape Minds Think Alike. First off, let me clarify that this polish is in no way a grape shade. It’s a raspberry color. The formula is creamy and a teensy bit thick. It’s saturated with pigment, this can be a one coat polish if you use a thick coat. I prefer 2 thinner coats.

Grape Minds Think Alike- 2 coats, no top coat

Wet n Wild light blues are one of their best polish colors in my opinion. All the light blues I have come across from the brand have been winners and Putting On Airs is no different. Although the formula is thinner than Grape Minds Think Alike, it’s still very creamy. The formula is great, 2 coats to perfection. Insert googly eye emoji here.

Putting On Airs- 2 coats, no top coat

There are great drugstore light blue nail polishes but of them all, I would recommend Putting on Airs. I recently did a review on Sally Hansen’s new shade Big Teal, now part of their permanent Xtreme Wear line. You can view the post here. At the price of $0.99, you can’t touch this. Hammer time

If a straight up sky blue isn’t your thing and a greenish blue is more your speed, go with Big Teal. It has a fantastic formula, too.

This new edition of the Wild Shine line is a winner in my books. You can really see and feel the quality in these polishes. Did I mention they’re less than a dollar a polish? Oh, it gets better! Wet n Wild goes on sale frequently, so chances are, you’ll score an even better deal on these.

Putting On Airs and Grape Minds Think Alike are 2 great polishes you should try out from this line. They are just 2 of 24 new shades, so go ahead and grab as many as your little heart wishes. At that price, you can afford them all! Actually, I may need to go back for a few. That green one, Do Pass Go, is calling my name…

More Wet n Wild! I just posted up a review and swatches of the new limited edition Silver Lakes collection out for this spring. You gotta look at these creamy MegaLast polishes! Click here to have a look.

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