Wet n Wild NEW Silver Lake Collection (LE Spring 2015)

Every brand is coming out with their collections for spring right now. Check out my Spring2015 tag here for new posts! It’s blowing a serious hole in my wallet and it’s crying tears of desperation. Well, fortunately for you my dear wallet, I’ve got a collection that won’t cause a searing hole through you. Wet n Wild has released their new spring collection full of cute colors. They’re $2 for each and like always, they are limited edition.

These are part of their MegaLast range, meaning they’re in the larger bottles. The MegaLast polishes also have a bit more product, 0.45 fl oz vs their new WildShine polishes with 0.41 fl oz. Of course, MegaLast means they have that mega ManiCurve Pro Brush that makes polishing easy.


Time to bring on the bright colors, spring is on it’s way. Here’s Warm Filter, a creamy coral shade with an easy formula. It’s so bright with just enough white in the formulation to tone it down a bit and keep it from looking like those other bright corals. It reminds me a little of the Maybelline Bleached Neons because of that. It’s like a pastel neon.

Warm Filter- 2 coats, no top coat

Reject the Mainstream is a pretty creamy lavender. Yep, expect creamy to be a trend with this collection. My favorite lilacs all happen to be from Essie, but this polish may have just climbed the ranks up to the top of my faves list. Reject the Mainstream has great formula and color, making it one of the must haves.  It can be a one coater, but I apply my polishes thinly, so I used 2.

Reject the Mainstream- 2 coats, no top coat

Stream of Consciousness is an ultra sheer milky pink with fine pearlescent shimmer. It’s very sheer and I would not wear this alone. Even after 4 coats you can still see VNLs (visible nail lines). I would probably layer it over some like colors to add a little shimmer. This would look gorgeous when used for a french manicure.

Stream of Consciousness- 4 coats, no top coat

Light periwinkle shades look good on everyone. Skinny jeans look good on everyone. Wear Skinny Jeans would look good on anyone. This light periwinkle purple has some slight shimmer and looks good in 2 coats. The formula is thinner than Warm Filter and Reject the Mainstream, so it’s not as creamy.

Wear Skinny Jeans- 2 coats, no top coat

When there’s a baby periwinkle, you know I’ll always compare it to the famous Bikini So Teeny from Essie. Although Bikini So Teeny has soft shimmer, it’s still stronger than that of Wear Skinny Jeans. The shimmer in Wear Skinny Jeans is pretty much nonexistent on the nail, whereas Bikini So Teeny’s shimmer shows up better. Bikini So Teeny is also ever so slightly bluer. If you want a closer dupe complete with the shimmer, check out Sally Hansen’s Babe Blue, now part of their permanent Xtreme Wear range. I have a post on it here.

L-R: Wear Skinny Jeans & Bikini So Teeny

I&R: Wear Skinny Jeans, M&P: Bikini So Teeny

A Latte Love is a beige with a little touch of pink mixed in. I expected the coverage of this to be so-so, but I was mistaken. A Latte Love has a latte coverage! Hah. It’s so pretty and the formula is so creamy! It gives such a clean look to the nails and in 2 easy coats. It’s a great alternative to a stark white polish. I think I’m gonna need a backup.

A Latte Love- 2 coats, no top coat

Onto the polish I was most excited about. Tree Hugger is a pistachio green shade that reminds me of Fashion Playground from Essie. Unlike the other creme polishes in this collection, this one’s a little wet. It has some jelly in these cream formula. This pretty green shade plus a crelly formula? I NEED.

Tree Hugger- 2 coats, no top coat

Here’s how Tree Hugger and Fashion Playground compare. They look similar in the bottle, but when you have them swatched side by side, you can see they are completely two different shades. Tree Hugger is a green with a slight warm yellow tone. Fashion Playground is a green with some blue and shimmer sprinkled in. I believe Tree Hugger is more of a true pistachio green than Fashion Playground.

L-R: Tree Hugger & Fashion Playground

I&R: Tree Hugger, M&P: Fashion Playground

This new Silver Lake collection is full of some creamy polishes. Wet n Wild always knows how to keep their stuff affordable but still have impeccable quality. At the price of $2 for each, if you wanted to, you could grab the whole collection. If you would rather not look like a CPL (crazy polish lady), I recommend getting Reject the Mainstream, A Latte Love, and Tree Hugger. Reject the Mainstream has a crazy good formula and it’s a pretty pastel purple. A Latte Love is a unique color and it’s so easy! Tree Hugger is a pistachio green that any green lover must have!

It’s all up to you. Buy what you liked! This new collection should be popping up right now at your local drugstores, anywhere that sells Wet n Wild.

Update 03/24: I was browsing through Walmart yesterday and saw an end cap display with some Wet n Wild products. At the bottom, I noticed there were some Spoiled nail polishes (Spoiled is produced by Wet n Wild). These Spoiled nail polishes are actually the exact same shades & names as the new Silver Lakes collection polishes.  So, if you’re having trouble finding this new WnW collection, check your Walmart and see if you can spot these! I don’t see “limited edition” on the display, so there is a possibility that these will join the Spoiled permanent line!

Question is, where are we going to be able to find the Spoiled line now? CVS has replaced Spoiled displays with their new Pop-Arazzi brand. Let me know if you have any info about this matter! The popular blog Nouveau Cheap covered this recently too, so check her blog out for more info and pics!




  1. LenaC says:

    Thanks so much for posting about the Silver Lake collection. I was hunting for it for the longest time, finally found it, then read on Nouveau Cheap that it’s coming out in the Spoiled version as well. I’m so glad you posted your sighting as well, hopefully that means it’s coming out in more places.

    It took forever for the Megalast version to appear in my area, I hope the Spoiled version will be here sooner. After so much effort looking for the first ones, I have to find the Spoiled ones too now 🙂 In which general area of the US did you find them, if you don’t mind my asking?

    I tried contacting Wet n Wild through their website about the Spoiled polishes and whether they will be available permanently at Walmart but they never replied. Just tried messaging them on facebook, hopefully someone will reply there. Will post back if they tell me anything.

    • chezadrienne says:

      No problem, I’m glad I was helpful! I found them in a South Jersey Walmart. I haven’t spotted them in the Walmart in my area, but that one just sucks and never really has anything new. Chances are, if your Walmart is stocked with those new Wet n Wild contour duos, the Spoiled polishes are probably lurking around on an end-cap somewhere.

      Please do tell me if they reply! Their limited edition polishes are always fantastic, but they are so hard to find. It’s even worse when most stores don’t even bother to put new stuff on display when they’re supposed to. You know, I actually have a Rite Aid near me that has just recently put out the Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes from last year!

      Just wondering, have you ever tried any of the original Spoiled polishes? I never picked one up, I always just passed right by them at CVS. Now that they’ve disappeared and been replaced by Pop-Arazzi, I really wish I had tried them when they were available…

      Thank you so much for commenting and checking out my blog!!

      • LenaC says:

        Oh great, I’m not too far from south Jersey. Unfortunately both Walmarts near me don’t have any Wet n Wild products at all. One is just a mess and generally has more-than-half-empty displays of anything, and the other has a really small cosmetics section. But I’m obsessively hunting again, so I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere ::fingers crossed::

        I have a bunch of Spoiled, and actually really like them. The only problem were their brushes which were often cut unevenly or had long stray hairs (I was able to pull them out easily with my fingers though), but that didn’t affect ease of application. They were actually pretty similar to the Megalast brushes, wide and flat. I didn’t get a chance to try all of the ones I bought yet, but of the ones I tried the formula was good, not too thick or thin, and had good coverage with 2 coats. And no funky smell like Pop-arazzi.

        Great blog, I’m really glad I found it!

        • chezadrienne says:

          Good luck! I really hope you find them. Ahhhhh, you’re making me wish I grabbed a Spoiled polish to try out..
          Thank you for your kind words, it really means a lot to me! I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to comment!

          • LenaC says:

            I finally got a reply from WnW. The Spoiled polishes will be LE and only available in Walmart, while supplies last. Bummer. And there are only 2 per color per display so they’ll sell out fast.

          • chezadrienne says:

            Why do brands have to make it so hard for us? I wish Wet n Wild’s limited edition displays would have more slots. The demand on them is way higher than that available. Then there are also those evil people that buy out the whole displays themselves to sell at 2 or 3x’s the price.
            On a positive note, I hope you will be able to find these polishes, whether WnW Megalast or Spoiled!

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