Wet n Wild We’re the Wild Cats! Collection LE for Holiday 2015

Thanksgiving is over and most of us have already started getting into the holiday spirit. Some earlier than others, I might add. The stores have already decked the aisles with decorations for the upcoming holidays and Christmas songs are being played on the radio. I spotted this collection back in early October and I felt it was much too early to talk about the holidays so I decided to hold onto them for a bit. I hadn’t seen them in my local Rite Aid stores yet so I thought it would be a good idea, I mean, Halloween hadn’t even passed yet. Well, this week, I walked into my Rite Aid and saw them sitting on the display and this is the perfect time to finally share these with you.

The very first thing I noticed was that this new collection is bottled in a different shape than we’re used to. If you’re familiar with the Spoiled by Wet n Wild packaging, these aren’t new to you at all. I guess now that Spoiled has been fazed out of stores, they’ve got to use the leftover bottles for something. All six shades from this new limited edition collection are shimmery and glittery. From the looks of them all, it seems that they may all dry with a textured finish except for one. I’ll talk about that in a bit. Take a look at the three I bought.



The brush. At first glance, the bottles look a little cheaper than their normal ones. I’ll admit it. Although Wet n Wild is an affordable brand, this bottle doesn’t justify the boost in price from $1.99 to $2.99. Yep. These were a dollar more than their normal polishes. There have been a few instances when their limited edition polishes were $2.99 rather than $1.99, for example, the recent summer collection. Since they were a little more in price, I’m hoping the formula of these will justify it.

Let’s start off with the classic pale gold named Naughty and Nice. Once I pull the brush out of the bottle I knew I was going to like this one. It had a great formula. It covered well in one coat, I applied a second to get full opacity. Although it is crazy packed with fine glitter and occasionally you’ll pick up some small hex glitter, the formula is nice and creamy. It was very fluid and not gritty upon application. It does dry with a slightly textured finish, similar to the Zoya PixieDust polishes. If you’re not into the texture trend, a nice thick layer of a clear top coat will fix that.

Naughty and Nice- 2 coats, no top coat

w/top coat

If you’ve ever wanted a Zoya PixieDust polish but wanted to spend less, this is a great substitution. I’ve seen a similar polish from L’Oreal named The Statement Piece from the Color Riche Gold Dust collection. If you have that, there’s no need to grab this one.

Holiday Spirits and Wine is a lovely wine color with fine flecky shimmer. This is one that I knew I needed to get. If you don’t like your polish so blingy, here’s one with tastefully done shimmer. The wine jelly base subdues the shimmer. This combination gives this polish an expensive feel. People will think you spent more than you really did! The formula was really good. 2 coats to get full color and beautiful dimension.

Holiday Spirits and Wine- 2 coats, no top coat

If you’re thinking this looks like something you’ve seen before, I’ve got you covered. Here’s comparison between Holiday Spirits and Wine and Zoya Payton. The two have sheerer bases with fleck shimmer but on the nail they are worlds apart. Shown below is two coats of each. Payton is darker, less berry and it contains holo flecks that Holiday Spirits and Wine does not. The holo quality shows more clearly in the second image.

I&R: Holiday Spirits and Wine, M&P: Payton

Los Feliz Navidad is a textured shimmer. It’s a nice purpley blue color with a strong gold sheen. There are some small hexes in the same color sprinkled into this shimmer packed formula. Once again, this is somehow super glittery without having a gritty formula, it’s nice and creamy.

Los Feliz Navidad- 2 coats, no top coat

This is another one that’s a dupe for a L’Oreal Gold Dust polish. Too Dimensional is a dupe for this shade and has been around for years now. If you haven’t picked that up, this is a great deal for half the price. I wish I still had it in my collection to show you!

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have anything more unique. The textured glitters are too comparable to the Gold Dust Collection L’Oreal released a while ago. I wish they could have done more colors like Holiday Spirits and Wine! That would be amazing!

Although these were more expensive than their normal polishes, $2.99 is still a great price to pay for such quality nail polishes. It’s quite hard to find a micro glitter polishes that covers as opaquely as these. With the drugstore, you’ll more than likely find that many are too base heavy. These are amazingly packed with glitter, yet very creamy for easy application.

If these types of polishes are completely new to you, these would be a great buy. However, if you already own similar colors, these may be a little boring to you. For me, this was just a so-so collection that didn’t wow me. I’m hoping there will be another collection with new Megalast polishes! If you spot any, let me know!

I am so sorry this post took so long to get up! These past few weeks have been crazy with Thanksgiving chaos and all the shopping that has gone on since then! Did you score any Black Friday deals that were too good to be true? I scored a bag that I’ve been wanting for over a year now for more than 50% off! Maybe it’ll make an appearance soon on the blog or over on Instagram!

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    I like the last two the best! But that’s only because I have a bottle that’s similar to the first one. The red one looks really pretty!! I think I need that one! 🙂

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