Wet n Wild Beautifully Wicked Collection for Halloween 2015

Another Wet n Wild collection? Didn’t I just review the new Fall collection? Yep, well guess what? They didn’t just come out with their normal Fantasy Makers tombstone polishes for Halloween, just like last year, they also came out with new Megalast polishes. The new tombstone polishes look awfully like the ones from last year, I have a review of last year’s here, if you’re interested. Also take a look at my review of last year’s Megalast collection if you’d like.

This is a 6-piece collection with 3 metallics, 1 black creme and 2 glitter toppers. I brought 4 of the 6 home for review. I skipped on the black creme named Raven Maven and I didn’t want to get yet another black and silver glitter mix. I did pick up the other glitter, a standard gold mix. I’ll get into how that performed in a little. This collection is limited edition and only sold at Walgreens, so let’s get into it and see if they’re worth hunting down.


I’ve recently found my new favorite metallic purple polish from Wet n Wild’s new fall collection. That’s not gonna stop me from getting more though! For a polish junkie like me, I’m always looking for the next best! This is Purple Peacock, a deep  eggplant that is always trendy for the fall. There’s some gentle pinky purple shimmer and at some angles, you can even see some golden shimmer. You can just barely see it in the pictures below, it’s more apparent in person but it is a soft golden sheen.

Purple Peacock- 2 coats, no top coat



Gold foils make me think of the holidays. They’re fabulous any time of year but I generally keep them for Decmeber and January. Pharaoh Fatale  is a great shimmery light gold foil with a luxurious glitz and glamor. Fit for a pharoaoh, I’d say! Great formula and coverage, it’s nearly a one coater too.

Pharaoh Fatale- 2 coats, no top coat


I must have Christmas on the brain right now or something ’cause this next shade makes me think of the holidays too. I blame all the stores for putting out their ornaments and decorations already, even though it’s only just October! This is a metallic spearmint green named Embellish Minted. I think the name sure fits. The formula is a little thin, I still needed just 2 coats for full coverage. I love green polish but this one is a little too green even for me. If it was a little darker, it’d be perfect. I guess I’m still on the hunt for the perfect metallic emerald.

Embellish Minted- 2 coats, no top coat


The gold glitter I chose is named Haute Hieroglyph. This has a thick clear base with gold micro glitter and sparse hex glitter. In the store I could tell the base was going to be thick and this was going to be a tricky one to apply and build. I still grabbed it, hoping it would be a good affordable gold glitter. Trying it on, I knew I was right. This can get goopy fast. It’s good for a sparse placement of glitter. Don’t build this, unless you don’t mind thick gloop. If you want to build this up to full coverage, you could try sponging.

First I tried it over Essie With the Band from their new Leggy Legend fall collection. I love the delicate look of it and over that beautiful creme polish, I didn’t mind how sparse this polish is.

Haute Hieroglyph- 1 coat over Essie With the Band (review here)


A gold glitter is such a staple that I would say you should get one that’s heavier with glitter, I love Essie Rock at the Top (review here). It has a higher price tag of $8-$8.50 but it truly is worth it! It really is the best. If you’re looking for a gold glitter, that’s the one to get. Don’t count Haute Hieroglyph out though, sometimes you want a softer look and I like the way this polish does that.

Just for fun, I decided to layer on a coat of Haute Hieroglyph over Pharaoh Fatale. I was trying to mimic the look of Baroque… But Still Shopping from the new OPI Venice Collection for fall. Haha. Just for fun! I know it doesn’t look like it… It looks better! Hahah, that’s just my opinion! I definitely would rather have these two polishes than be stuck with just that one!


I liked all of these polishes. Even though the gold glitter Haute Hieroglyph lacked the glitter density I was looking for initially, it still gave a gorgeous effect. I really like the way it turned out over Essie With the Band. My favorites from this collection was Pharaoh Fatale and Embellish Minted. I like the formula of Pharaoh Fatale, a gold polish is a must. On the other hand, it’s not a must have and it’s not very unique either. Embellish Minted is a shade I have never seen before. Something about it is just different from any other metallic green I’ve seen or owned. It is a metallic spearmint green that you either love or hate.

These are out now and are Walgreens exclusives so if anything caught your eye, I would jump on it now! Wet n Wild limited edition collections are always hard to find and each slot in the display only holds 2 of each product. They’re only $1.99, a great deal! Wet n Wild is always affordable without sacrificing quality!

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