Winter Picks | 2017

My toes are on the verge of frostbite. If you’ve been reading my past posts, I’m sure you’re aware how badly I despise the cold weather. Now winter polish picks, that, I don’t mind discussing.

Time for my polish picks for this winter! I scoured my collection and came up with these ten.

This isn’t a taste the rainbow type of selection, it looks like I am really feeling the second half of the rainbow. Blues, greens and purple rule over the other colors. I wanted to put the spotlight on polishes on that I reach for/plan to reach for this season. So, I am being honest with you as well as myself.

Let’s start with a easy creme formula. This is Essie Virgin Snowreleased last year, if you want an off-white with a kiss of color, this is the one for you. Get a very clean, dainty look with Virgin Snow. (review)

If you’re looking for something in the purple-blue family, try Zoya Saint. This periwinkle houses a strong pink shift, giving it an ethereal look to match this time of year.

Now, if you want to go for the unexpected, why not make things more interesting by pulling out something tropical? Essie Turquoise & Caicos is my pick. When you’re feeling bored, there’s always this fun crelly seafoam green. Before your eyes, it’s gone from a summer green to a winter green.

Let’s ignore how used and abused this bottle of polish is. It’s been one of my go-to’s for years!

Okay, maybe that was a bit of a jump for you. Let’s kill the excitement with that wild shade and go with something more elegant. Essie Lace Me Up is amazingly opaque and from Essie’s longer lasting “luxurious wear” Gel Couture line.

My go-to pale pink is OPI Let’s Be Friends from last year’s Hello Kitty Collection but since that was a limited edition polish, I had to go with this. Both are 2 coaters, which is insane for such pale pinks! They are both truly amazing. I seem to always grab for Let’s Be Friends purely because I love the cute bottle! Hah, I’m a packaging chump.

Back to the snow fall imagery with Zoya Leia. If you want to liven up Lace Me Up or any polish for that matter, try  layering on a shimmer polish like Leia. This is FILLED with opalescent shimmer that gives any polish the Elsa look. Cue the part in the Frozen movie when she sings and hurls those captivating ice streams. YES.

Let’s bring it back in time with China Glaze Frostbite, a polish that’s been around for over a decade! So follow me on this trip down memory lane and take a look at this electrifying blue. It’s the shimmery metallic blue you were looking for. This OG needs to be in your collection.

In these colder months, we always need a good gold polish to turn to. My pick is Tomoko from Zoya. Remember when you smirked at the sight of textured polish? Well, when you take a gold and add some texture, it gives it an effect like no other. You get a brilliantly sparkly polish with an edge due to the texture finish. This champagne gold goes on sheer at first but the formula builds nicely with two coats, however, if you’re afraid of VNL (visible nail line) apply three coats instead.

I need to include my favorite polish of the moment, Essie Social-lights. This gray is everything you need in a winter gray. The cool gray base is paired with a fiery warm shimmer. To quote my recent post on the polishes I picked from this collection, it “reminds me of a beautiful snowy day with beams of golden sunlight shinning down, warming the cold frozen snow.” (review)

A winter polish list wouldn’t be complete without a shift polish. Zoya Adina is a purple polish with a tricky green shimmer, giving a frosty look. Zoya describes it as a “violet metallic duochrome”. Don’t be fooled by its appearance in the bottle, it’s not one of those 15 layers to get opaque type of polishes no. TWO COATS! Two coats to reach opacity–and shifty opacity at that!

Time to turn on the indie spotlight. This is Lett’s Not Mintion It from Different Dimensions, one of my go-to indie brands. I’ve never been disappointed by their polishes, and this one is nothing short of incredible. This mint creme plays so well with the pink shimmer. It’s gorgeous and a cool update to the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” trademark mint.

This has been a good year for polish! I took a break for a while because I was bored of the colors everyone seemed to have been releasing but it captivated me again. The world of nail polish is so fascinating. It’s thrilling to see it continue expanding, coming out with original polishes. It was foolish of me to think that my love of polish would ever cease.

These are polishes that have me jumping for joy and I wanted to share them with you. Grab the one or two that you’ve got your eye on, or wait for a sale and grab ’em all! ‘Cause why not?! #treatyoself.

That phrase shall never die. I will not let it.


  1. Ariadna says:

    Yes!! Virgin Snow forever!! Thanks to YOU, it’s one of my favorites! I’m planning on wearing that one next. May I ask what do you do to remind yourself to wear these polishes throughout winter? I look thru my pinterest page to see the ones that I have in my collection then go from there but in my mind I have so many that I want to wear that I get overwhelmed. Maybe I need to pick out a few and leave them out so that I can see them. Great choices!!

    • chezadrienne says:

      What? I am so honored! Virgin Snow’s sooo GOOOOD. The formula, the color. I’m so happy that you enjoy it as well!

      Hahahah, I actually sit in front of my polish drawers and organize them for each season. It’s a relaxing process and it keeps me from hoarding too much. As I categorize, I’ll pull out polishes that need some loving and put those on display on my desk, to serve as a visual reminder.
      I love having the bottles in my hands, being able to touch them and browse through my physical collection. I hope I don’t sound too silly! I’m one of those people that goes shopping and feels everything, different fabrics, metals–jewelry, leather goods, sherpa. Yes, I’m a loon. Hah!

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