Wet n Wild Summer 2014 Summer Festival Collection

I have dabbled into Wet n Wild nail polishes before, but I’ve never really loved anything. Of my whole collection, I only had one Wild Shine nail polish. After reviewing the NYC Summer 2014 collection, I was on the hunt for more limited edition collections at the drugstore. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I saw several new limited edition displays stocked with new nail polishes for me to try! I am fully aware that I have a problem with passing on limited edition nail polishes, they get me every time.

Well, as I was saying, I saw these 4 new nail polishes at 99¢ each and I could not say no. I am glad I picked them up. I love every one of them, except I do have a favorite. Read further if you’d like to know more!


The brightest of this collection with have to be Spitfire. It seems a little out of place next to the other three, but it does fit in, since it is a jelly and a majority of this collection are jellies. Spitfire is a gorgeous in your face glossy squishy jelly orange. It has an excellent formula and great opacity in 2 coats. The shine from this one is amazing, the jelly finish makes me think of a juicy plump orange. Look at that shine!
IMG_2966Two coats, no top coat

Now for the color that I think is the *star* of this collection. Chambray Showers has a beautifully perfect formula that glides onto the nail. It is so creamy and so easy to work with. It could be a possible one coater, but I did two just to ensure an even look on my nails and perfect the shape of my nails. Sometimes with creme formulas, I find it hard to apply the polish neatly at my nail beds. This blue is one of the reasons why I have fallen deeply in love with light blues. Even time I change my manicure, I keep eyeing my light blues, especially this one. Be warned though, this polish requires a thick base coat, it tends to stain otherwise. I wore it for a few minutes just to swatch and when I removed my polish, I was left with a blue stain as a reminder. I would normally advise not to get a polish if it stains, but the color of this one is worth the extra step. It’s the perfect light blue I didn’t know I was even looking for! Take note that this is the only one of the collection that is strictly a creme, the others are more jelly-like. Take a look below for the swatch, unlike Spitfire, this one is seriously in need of top coat.

IMG_29672 coats, no top coat

The sheerest of them all, here is Gyp-Sea Green. This would be perfect for creating jelly sandwiches. The combinations would be endless, if paired with your favorite glitter, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. The versatility of this color is why I love it and I am super excited to start experimenting with looks. My drawer of glitters have been growing at a unbelievable rate lately, I can’t wait to try this one with a few of my favorites. I’m going to have to write that down somewhere on my “to-do list” before I forget. It seems I can’t ever figure out what I want my next manicure to be lately.
Here I have it worn alone to showcase the squishy, shiny jelly finish. Even after 3 coats, you can still see my nail lines beneath the coats. Sea green polishes are so pretty, especially when they’re jellies. This polish reminds me of NYC’s Tudor City Teal, which is a sea green with a jelly creme formula.

IMG_29683 coats, no top coat

The last nail color of this collection is a coral pink jelly creme. At first glance, I thought this one was going to be a creme like Chambray Showers, but it’s not. Ferris-Wheel Romance is a pretty pink, but it needs some work to get it to look as nice and even as the others in this collection. Of the four, I would have to say that this one had the worst formula. Now, the formula is not horrible, it’s just that when compared to the other three, this one needs a little more time and patience. For full opacity and an even look, I had to apply 3 coats. Once dried, it is a gorgeous shiny jelly.

IMG_29713 coats, no top coat

So here we have the four limited edition nail polishes from Wet n Wilds Summer Festival Collection. All of them are winners and for just under a dollar a piece, it’s worth it to snatch them all up! If you’re able to spot them, I would surely buy them all. Plus, this is a chance to try out some jelly polishes if they’re new to you!
After this experience, I’ve ventured into buy more from the Wild Shine range. Just last week, the core shades were on sale for 69¢ and I grabbed a few, in hopes that they’ll impress me just as much as these for did.

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