Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! You’re probably pumped up for this day, it’s a whole day dedicated to love. If you’re not excited in the least, don’t fret, simply replace those bad thoughts with the thrill of going to the store and seeing all those delectable chocolates on sale tomorrow! The fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, right? Yea, I’m sure that’s how the saying goes.

Here’s a peak at my look for this year. Easy peezy. That book featured in this pic below is Champion by Marie Lu, part of the Legend trilogy.

This year, I wanted to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by doing a cutesy mani in celebration of the holiday. I’m extremely lazy when it comes to my nails and I believe simplicity is key. Simpler is better. Be gone with the wretched thought of spending a full hour on just one intricate nail. Nobody got time fo’ that.

L-R: Essie Just Stitched, Sally Hansen Babe Blue, Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles

What’s the fastest form of nail art? Glitter. Shortcut to the “I tried hard” look. Lucky for me I had the perfect glitter polish, Sinful Colors released a new phenomenal matte pink and white glitter named Love Sprinkles. It’s out for a limited time for their new Valentine’s Day display. I have a post dedicated to it here.


I didn’t want to have a straight up pink or red standard look, so I went with a pretty periwinkle, newly released from Sally Hansen, Babe Blue. It’s actually a dupe for Essie’s Bikini So Teeny. I have more info on this and other polishes part of their new additions to their Xtreme Wear line here.


In order to tie the look all together, I added in an ‘accent’ nail of a light pink shade, Just Stitched from Essie’s new Cashmere Matte collection. I though the blue shimmer in Just Stitched really pulled the periwinkle and pink combo together. Just Stitched dries with a satin cashmere matte finish, but I prefer it with a glossy finish instead. I added a nice layer of top coat to add some shine.


These three polishes are gorgeous separately and even more so when paired together. I love this girly look, especially because there isn’t an overload of pink! It looks soft and girly. Try this out on your own. It’s as easy as slapping on a nice glitter polish! Seriously.

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