Throwback Thursday: Essie Parka Perfect

These past few weeks I’ve been digging through my nail polish collection looking for forgotten gems to pull out again for work into my fall rotation. I have many polishes from past collections that I got before I started blogging. I feel that some of them deserve a shot at it. I want to start doing Throwback Thursday posts occasionally to bring the spotlight back on them. I’m hoping that through these posts, it’ll inspire some of you to dig back through your collections and put on something you’ve neglected. I’m hoping that it’ll serve as a way to nudge me into using all the polishes I own!

For this first post, here is Parka Perfect. Released in Essie’s Winter 2013 collection.

It’s no secret that I love dusty pastels. After a couple weeks of trying out and wearing deep dark shades, I needed something softer. I decided to pull out one of my favorites, Parka Perfect. I normally reserve this shade for the winter but it was exactly what I felt like wearing. I guess with the burst of cold weather this past week, I’m feeling like it’s already almost winter!

Essie describes this as a “serenely shimmering alpine gray.” I would describe this as a light dusty blue gray with subtle shimmer. This is such a pale shade and with all the gray in it, I’d even loosely categorize this as a neutral. The formula is perfect. Two easy coats.

For some reason, this blue and in combination with the lack of sunlight, it made my natural light pictures cooler than I had intended. The last image is definitely most color accurate by far!

Parka Perfect- 2 coats, w/top coat



I just don’t know why it was so hard for me to capture the beauty of this dusty blue. The soft shimmer is just barely noticeable. It doesn’t completely disappear, it’s there and you see just a whisper of shimmer. It really is beautiful. Keep an eye out for a new Essie review featuring this shade coming soon! Hint: The polish I’ll be talking about contains thin bar glitter and I like it! Oh, just you wait!

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