TBT: Essie Miss Fancy Pants

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Today’s post will be a quick one. Every now and then, I feel like I need something cleanse my palette. There have been so many colorful hues that have been going on my nails, I thought I needed some time to take a breather. Something simple and plain, yet beautiful.


Essie Miss Fancy Pants was released in the fall 2012 Stylenomics collection. This is the only polish I picked up from that collection. This is all due to my reluctance in wearing dark shades at that time. I wasn’t sure they looked good on me and I didn’t want to get something I wouldn’t wear. If this was released in present-time, three others, Don’t Sweater It, Recessonista and Stylenomics. I know, can you believe I don’t own those? Well, I don’t feel that I need them nowadays. I have some in my collection that look very similar, from Essie too! Hah, you know how they like to release the same ol’ colors with one drop of this and one drop of that to change the look ever so slightly!

Enough about that. I could go on for days…

Miss Fancy Pants  is a café au lait taupe. It’s a brown taupe. A gray beige. A greige. It’s all those things but I liked my first description. Don’t you? C’mon! If you were at a store and you had to choose between those two descriptions you know you would pick the first. Don’t lie.


It has a good formula. The first coat seems very sheer but this crelly builds up easily. I needed 2 coats for full opacity. I always like a nude with a crelly formula. They always seem easier to apply and the glossy finish is a nice touch.

2 coats, no top coat

I know that this may be a fall shade to most, but it’s still cold outside! I’m expecting some fall-like weather here here I’m at. I don’t know about you but I would rather feel like it’s fall than feel like it’s winter!

2 coats, w/top coat

If you have heard about how amazing Essie Chinchilly is but thought it was just too cool-toned for you, give this a try. On me, Chinchilly always looked a little dirty against my skintone. This is probably due to the contrast between it and my warmer skintone, so Miss Fancy Pants always suited me better.


I said this would be quick so it’s about time I stopped blabbering.

Essie Miss Fancy Pants is part of their permanent line so it isn’t going to be a pain in the butt to find. You’ll be able to pick it up conveniently at CVS or Target (two places I visit frequently), there’s also Walmart, Ulta and Walgreens among the many. Anywhere Essie is sold, you should be able to find this. The price is pretty high now at $8.50 a bottle but I’m sure you can find yourself a good deal at the drugstore from time to time! Even Amazon has it listed for the retail price. Don’t forget about all the places online you could score a deal too.

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