Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Make sure you wear your green today if you don’t want to get pinched! I’m playing it safe this year with green on my nails. I’m getting into the spirit by decking out my nails in a green-themed mani. I even did a bit of easy nail art!

I’ve got an in-depth post on this look packed with information on the polishes used and the process to achieve this look. If you’re not really interested in reading all of this, please feel free to take a look at all the pretty pictures!


For this mani, I used my favorite Revlon Parfumerie polish and some indie polishes I just bought from I Love Nail Polish. I recently just stepped into the world of indie polishes and my very first taste into this new realm was from ILNP. I wish I could have gotten into them sooner, so I could have a bottle with their old packaging… I loved my first purchase so much that I purchased a ton more! A post on ILNP’s new spring line may be in the works…

Polishes & Materials Used: 

I started first with my base colors. I painted Mutagen from ILNP on my thumb and index fingers. Mutagen is a very popular polish from the brand. It’s a gorgeous green multichrome that shifts between green, blue, purple and pink. This is what I like to call a beetle or chameleon polish. Mutagen was released in ILNP’s Ultra Chromes Collection back in 2013. I needed just 2 coats for opacity. I realized a little later I should have laid down a black polish for a base to intensify this multichrome. I ended up adding a 3rd layer to crank up the shifting intensity.



On the rest of my fingers, I painted on Lime Basil from Revlon’s Parfumerie line. I’m not very fond of scented nail polish, but for this one I make an exception. I can’t stand my nails giving off a scent. This is especially irritating when I am eating something and get a whiff of them. Imagine eating Hot Cheetos and smelling pumpkin spice from your nails. I’m extremely sensitive to smells. One bad smell combo and I will get nauseous. Lime Basil is a different story. It’s a refreshing citrus scent, some may say it smells like dish soap. To me, it smells like the soda flavored Ramune candies you get at the Asian supermarket. I always loved those candies as a child, so I can tolerate the smell of Lime Basil.

It also helps that when you top coat the polish, the scent diminishes a bit. It’s still there, but you can only smell it when you get close to your nails. If I were eating a burger, I’d be able to smell it. It bothers me a little, but to the normal human, it wouldn’t be something worth noting. Other than the great scent of Lime Basil, there’s also another pro; the formula. It’s a very creamy green that can be a one coater.

If you’re interested in this polish, I urge you to go grab it now while you can. I’ve been seeing the Parfumerie line on clearance at Target and it could be a sign that it’s being discontinued.


After my base colors dried for about an hour, I grabbed my tape and made a triangle shape on each nail with Lime Basil as the base. I decided to leave the nails with Mutagen bare to allow Mutagen’s beauty to show without disturbance. Be sure to give your nails plenty of time to dry because the tape will lift the polish if it’s still wet and can ruin your manicure.


Once my nails were taped, I painted on a thin layer of Mutagen to act as a base for the glitter, Brilliance. This will make it so if there are any gaps in the glitter, it won’t look as obvious.

Brilliance from ILNP is a flake glitter polish. What makes it unique is that the flakes are multichrome. Brilliance is a green mutichrome flake glitter that shifts from green to gold and a pinky rosey bronze. If you wish to get something from ILNP, I suggest getting Brilliance or any polish from the Ultra Chrome Flakies Collection. There’s also a new Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakies Collection for spring. I should be posting about a few very soon!



Immediately after painting on the layer of Brilliance, remove the tape carefully to reveal crisp lines. It’s best to lift the tape slowly and while the polish is still wet.

If you don’t end up with crisp lines or polish somehow gets on the rest of the nail, you can always go over the area with your base color. It’ll clean it right up and mask the stray polish.

Natural Lighting:

Artificial Lighting:

Dim Artificial Lighting:

That’s it, you’re done. Top coat your creation and you are finished. It may seem like a lot of information, but I wanted to be as thorough as I could be. It’s actually just a simple 5-step process:

1.) Paint base color
2.) Tape nails
3.) Polish in the area left without tape
4.) Remove tape
5.) Top coat!

Top coat is a very important step, as it will smooth everything down and seal it all together. Simple right? So this year, instead of grabbing a shamrock shake for St. Patrick’s Day, try out this design. Speaking of shamrocks, have you seen the new Sinful Colors St. Patrick’s Day exclusive polish, Shamrockin’? You have got to do yourself a favorite and take a look! You won’t regret it. Trust me.

May you find the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!


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