Salon Perfect Halloween 2015

Halloween collections are out in stores now but one that I didn’t expect to find is this new one from Salon Perfect. This brand is found exclusively at Walmart. I didn’t expect to stumble upon this collection because my Walmart just never updates their shelves. I never see new polish collections, sometimes they will have new makeup displays though. I’ve always wanted to pick up the holiday limited edition polishes from Salon Perfect but I had never seen them in person. Imagine my surprise when I turned down the aisle and saw them to the side! It must have been my lucky day! Hah, it’s always the little things.

I picked up 2 glitter polishes. This collection is made up of 4 glitters and 4 cremes, 8 all together.

Here’s the display at Walgreens I found. The pink and black matte tiny glitter mix isn’t supposed to be there, it’s the row for the orange creme. I quickly snapped a picture and I didn’t even notice! The fourth creme of the collection is a black that is not pictured below.

I skipped on the micro matte glitter mix and the black and orange bar/circle glitter. The 4 cremes, green, orange, purple and black were all basic colors that I have in my collection so didn’t grab them.


Trick-or-Treat has pale orange, black and white circle glitter, smaller dot glitter with the same color scheme. It’s all packed into a clear base and it is relatively easy to grab the glitter, there wasn’t a need to fish. The base is a tad thick, so this is one that you’ll need to do quite and lot of dabbing rather than brushing on the glitter. I think this would look fantastic in a jelly sandwich!

I like how unique this is. It’s very indie like. I like Salon Perfect glitters because they’re always doing something different. They’re introducing the masses to more than just the typical hex glitter.

Trick-or-Treat- one coat over Zoya Sia


The second glitter is a mix of semi-transparent purple and green hex glitter named Witches’ Brew. I used one coat over DS Charcoal, a new Designer Series polish from OPI that I just recently reviewed here. I thought it would compliment the teal and purple shimmer in DS Charcoal. I like the way it looks but DS Charcoal is just as, or even more as beautiful without this over it. Witches’ Brew would look great over a medium purple, I think.

Witches’ Brew- 1 coat over DS Charcoal (review)

I really like Salon Perfect glitters. I have never had the pleasure of stumbling upon them in stores so I was really excited about these. I ended up loving Trick-or-Treat. I’m not sure how the best way to wear Witches’ Brew is. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Salon Perfect polishes are sold at Walmart stores for $3.98. If you spot these in stores, pick up Trick-or-Treat for less than $4! It’s versatile and perfect for Halloween.

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