Sinful Colors Shamrockin’ (St. Patricks Day Collection)

I posted a review of Sinful Colors’ Love Sprinkles a few days ago and I hinted about this polish and here it is! The annual St. Patrick’s Day collection is out and along with the infamous Green Ocean green flake glitter, only available every March for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s another glitter that’s getting all the attention. the only new release in the “Kiss Me, I’m Stylish” collection is Shamrockin’.

There are actually two versions of Shamrockin’ out on the market and let’s how they look on the nail and how they differ.

The first variation found at Walgreen’s features large white flower glitter pieces, light green and hex glitter, along with white hex glitter. This creates a great spring look. Ah, spring, I can’t wait!

Shamrockin’ (Walgreens), 1 coat over Sally Hansen’s Big Teal (review here)

The second, I found at Rite Aid. This version of Shamrockin’ holds everything from the other version, just with the addition of green metallic glitter. This glitter is so much more packed in comparison that it also fills a tiny bit more blank space when applied.

Shamrockin’ (Rite Aid), 1 coat over Rimmel’s Breakfast in Bed (review here)

When you see them together, they look so different. The Rite Aid version (#2) is more festive while the other (#1) is softer and less as glitzy. You can easily get away with wearing the first more times out of the year than the other. #1 is more sparse, which contributes to a softer dainty look that I enjoy much more. #2 really screams out St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a louder glitter than one I would use for everyday manis.

I&R: Shamrockin (#1), M&P: Shamrockin (#2) over Essie’s Wrap Me Up (review here)

(L-R) #2, #1

These two are great. The first version is my preference, just because it’s versatility. If you’re looking for a shortcut St. Patrick’s Day mani, #2 is an easy choice. That’s what I’ll surely be doing for mine!

Sinful Colors can readily be found at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target. For limited edition displays, Walgreens and Rite Aid stores are your best bed. These two are the first places I like to check. If you like both these versions, you will need to go to both.


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