Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles (Valentine’s Day Collection 2015)

It is now February. You know what that means. Chocolates are tempting us at every corner and the colors pink & red are taking over. Sinful Colors has put out a small Valentine’s Day display of a mixture of new and old releases. There was only one new shade in this Flirt with Hearts collection and this is the one. Love Sprinkles caught my eye and I know chances are, it has probably caught yours as well.

This new limited edition glitter nail polish consists of white heart pieces, as well as, pink and white matte hex glitter all within a clear base. The base itself is a good consistency. It’s not too think and not too thin. That’s perfect because it makes fishing for glitter less of a chore. In order to get the large heart glitters, you need to dig around and catch some on the brush. Since the formula’s good, it only takes a few swipes to gather some and there’s tons loaded in this polish.

Love Sprinkles

For the swatch below, I used Love Sprinkles over Nail’s Inc Uptown. I got it from a holiday set I bought recently and I have a review on it here. The obvious choices to use this glitter topper over would be a white shade or any pink color. There are no limitations, feel free to try it over anything. The glitter in Love Sprinkles is a light pink shade, meaning it will not clash harshly most colors. I think it will look great over any pastel shade. I’d love to try this over a baby blue or a light green for an adorable spring look!

Love Sprinkles- 1 coat over Uptown (Nails Inc)


Be sure to pick up Love Sprinkles now if the swatches appealed to you. It’s limited edition after all! Sinful Colors is available at most drugstores at $1.99 each. I seem to have the best luck finding new displays at Rite Aid and Walgreens and they go on sale here often for just 99 cents. Stick around for another Sinful Colors post coming soon. There’s another nail polish similar to Love Sprinkles that you’ll want to see. It’s spring themed and you really don’t want to miss this, there are two variants! That’s all I’m telling you for now, check back in a few days!

The new post on the polish I’m talking about above is here! Check it out to see what Sinful Colors has cooked up for St. Patricks Day this year! Sinful Colors Shamrockin’


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