Sinful Colors Wicked Colors Collection (Halloween 2014)

Halloween is more than a month away, but stores are already pulling out their decorations, stocking their shelves with tons of candy, and the best part, putting out new Halloween themed beauty displays. The first of my Halloween collection posts will be this Sinful Colors collection, named Wicked Color.

There are only 3 new shades in the new large display exclusive to Walgreens and they are all glitters. Other stores also have the collection, their display is just much smaller and consist of, I believe, one new polish. With only 3 new colors, I didn’t limit myself to just those. I grabbed 2 more polishes from the display along with the 3 new glitters. All 5 polishes I chose really go along with the Halloween theme, they’re all either orange, purple, or green. Orange is traditionally the color of this holiday, so no question there. You may be asking why purple and green? Well, they are a combination that also symbolizes the holiday, c’mon witches! Alone, purple and green are nice colors, however when paired together, they’re considered ugly and ugly often is what Halloween is about.

Enough about that, onto the swatches.


Let’s Talk about one of my favorites. See what I did there? Let’s Talk is a jewel-toned purple satin metallic polish that is just simply dazzling. There is very fine purple shimmer throughout that just barely reflect the perfect amount of light. It was almost a one coater and there are no visible brush stroke like with some metallic nail polishes.

IMG_3133Let’s Talk- 2 coats, no top coat

More shard glitter! Why am I saying that? I’ve recently done two posts with new shard glitters for fall 2014, check them out here & here. They are really taking over the glitter nail polish world! Mystery Moonshine is a mixture of purple, orange and green shard glitter dangling in a clear base that has a big of a purple pigment to it. The purple is probably due to the pigment from the purple glitter sitting in it. I really like shard glitters, but this one honestly doesn’t excite me. Maybe it’s the colors they chose? Very Halloween- purple, green and orange. What’s great about this glitter is that I didn’t need to fish around for the glitter. Just a few dabs onto the nail and it was to my liking.

IMG_3142Mystery Moonshine- 1 coat over Let’s Talk

The second of the new three is Splatter Spell. Multi-sized black and metallic orange hex glitter along with orange shard glitter. There are less flecks that I had hoped, but it’s still very pretty. It has pretty good coverage, no need to go digging for glitter either. To show how it applies, I swatched it with 1 coat on my ring and pinky fingers and 2 coats on my index and middle fingers. Here I have it painted over Wet n Wild’s LAC – My Mani from their Megalast Matte Collection for fall 2014.

IMG_3154Splatter Spell- over Wet n Wild LAC – My Mani
R&P: 1 coat
I&M: 2 coats

For a green alternative, there is Cauldron Couture. It’s the same as Splatter Spell, except instead of orange glitter, it is replaced with green. That means there is black and metallic green hex glitter mixed withe green shard glitter. Just like the others it is a very easy glitter to work with. I adore the way this looks over Essie Fall in Line from their new Dress to Kilt collection.

IMG_3156Cauldron Couture- 2 coats over Essie Fall in Line

Glow in the dark polishes are cool. I would first like to say I took a risky chance with this one. I have already had some run-ins with terrible glow in the dark nail polishes, but this one was absolutely horribleGlow in the Dark (yes, that’s its name) was the worst. There was totally no effect with 3 coats of this stuff. The bottle didn’t even give off much of a glow. Plus, the more of this stuff you apply, little particles will accumulate over whatever color you have underneath. It essentially ruins the look of the color. It is so bad. It doesn’t even work! Even after a whopping 5 layers (which was all I could push myself to do before going into a fury), it was barely bright enough to register as a glow in the dark nail polish. Fail. Fail. Fail.

IMG_3146Glow in the Dark- 3 coats over OPI Black Onyx

IMG_3152Glow in the Dark- 5 coats —- the camera can’t even catch it.

After that experience with Glow in the Dark, I don’t think I will ever be able to trust drugstore polishes that claim they are glow in the dark. Let’s not end this on a bitter note. The glitters and metallic purple, might I remind you, were very very nice. My favorites from the few that I bought were Let’s Talk and Cauldron Couture, The others just didn’t really impress me very much. I don’t know, I just don’t feel wowed by these polishes. You be the judge, which are your favorites?

Sinful Colors retails for $1.99 and frequently go on sale at Walgreens stores for 99¢.


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