Sinful Colors Flight Patterns! Collection (Spring 2015)

I was browsing through Walgreens, my go-to drugstore when I’m looking for new Sinful Colors displays, and from the corner of my eye I saw a very eye-catching, vibrant display. To my surprise, it was one of the new displays I was looking for, the Sinful Colors Flight Patterns collection. On the display, it describes this collection as peacock creams and opalescent toppers. It even recommends to add the ‘opalescents’ to your favorite shades. Initially I was excited to see that there were new shades, but these really didn’t appeal to me.

The 3 new polishes are called Flight to SeeSheer Flight and Prized Plum (purple, green & blue). I wasn’t into the whole opalescent shimmery pearl-like look these gave so I just grabbed one, Sheer Flight, and I picked up a creme polish, Savage. I have some interesting findings you might want to see.

Sheer Flight is an opalescent sheer green. Sheer’s in it’s name, so you would expect this to be a super light polish. It’s not! It has pretty good coverage actually. 2 coats was okay, but I ended up with 3 coats to bring up the intensity of the color.

Sheer Flight- 3 coats, no top coat

The second polish I picked from the collection was Savage. This is a polish in Sinful Color’s permanent line. It’s a dusty grayed out blue that dries to a semi-matte finish. This surprised me at first since there is no indication on the bottle of the finish. I found that the finish was a nice surprise and it makes it more unique. The best part? It’s a one coater!

With saturated blues, be sure to lay down a thick base since they tend to stain.

Savage- 1 coat, no top coat

Upon closer inspection and a little time digging through my polish stash, I discovered I had bought Savage once before! So I put the bottle side by side and it was shocking to see that they were entirely different colors. They both dry to the same finish and have great one coat formulas, yet they’re not the same shade at all.

The old Savage I have is turquoise teal blue, whereas this new bottle is a duller, less vibrant blue. I wonder if this was just a mistake, are your bottles of Savage consistent with mine?

The difference is drastic in person, in the pictures below, it downplays it a bit. Which do I prefer? The new. I think this color is very unique. The formula is also creamier and more opaque.

I&R: Old Savage, M&P: New Savage

(L-R) Old Savage, New Savage

Of course, with a cream polish and a topper, I had to use them together. Here’s one coat of Sheer Flight over the new Savage.

Sheer Flight over Savage

The next time you’re at any store that sells Sinful Colors, take a look and see if their bottles of Savage on their limited edition and permanent displays differ like mine did. If Sheer Flight was to your liking, I’m sure the other 2 new opalescents would also suit your tastes.

Sinful Colors polishes are just $1.99 at normal price and with those frequent sales, the price can go all the way down to just 99 cents! For that price, it’s one of the best and my favorites. Their permanent line is full of great colors with fantastic formulas. I even prefer Sinful Colors to other more expensive salon brands! Another bonus is that they’re always coming out with new collections and it’s usually more than just one at a time.

At this moment, there are a bunch of new Sinful Colors collections. The St. Patrick’s Day collection with an awesome glitter, Shamrockin’, is in stores now. The About Blooming Time display for spring is out too, likewise, I have a post on that one. There’s also a Citrus Twist collection with citrus brights & jelly toppers. So, may the hunting begin!

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