Sinful Colors About Blooming Time! (Spring 2015)

The people at Sinful Colors have been super busy lately with new collections rolling out left and right. A short while ago, I reviewed Shamrockin’, a polish from Sinful Colors’ new St. Patrick’s Day collection, Kiss Me I’m Stylish. That one is a must read. There are actually two versions of Shamrockin’ being sold in stores! Check out that post for more info.

For spring 2015, there are a few new collections surfacing. I’ll be focusing on the About Blooming Time! collection for now. There’s another named Flight Patterns with ‘peacock creams and opalescent toppers,’ I have a post on 2 polishes from that collection [link] here. The About Blooming Time! collection holds 3 new shades and they are all jelly glitter polishes! Of course I grabbed all 3 to review!


Flower Power is a glitter polish with a light gummy pink jelly base. It’s sheer and needs 3 coats to build opacity. There are hot pink metallic and scattered white hex glitter of varying sizes mixed together.

Flower Power- 3 coats, no top coat

This glitter reminds me of OPI’s The Power of Pink from their Pink of Hearts (Breast Cancer Awareness) collection for 2014. Unfortunately, I don’t own The Power of Pink. It didn’t appeal to me enough and I didn’t want to pay so much for a polish I wouldn’t use. From the looks of it, Flower Power could certainly be a dupe.

On the orange side of things, here is Standing Bloom Only. The tangerine orange jelly base has red and orange metallic glitter. This jelly base has much better coverage than Flower Power. this one needs just 2 coats. I really like the formula on this one. I just wish the color was something more… wearable. Honestly, I doubt I’ll be getting much use out of Standing Bloom Only.

Standing Bloom Only- 2 coats, no top coat

For the last of these jelly glitters, I have Petal Be The Day. There are metallic purple and blue glitter in this super faint purple jelly base. This is the sheerest of them all. I could not wear this one alone. For the sake of this review, I’ve included the swatch of it with 3 coats. If I wanted complete opacity without visible nail lines, it would probably have taken ten coats!

Petal Be The Day- 3 coats, no top coat

I was a little sad to see I wouldn’t be able to use Petal Be The Day alone, nevertheless, I can always paint it over a creme polish. Here I have it over Essie Coat Couture from the Cashmere Matte collection. Blog post on those polishes are here!

Petal Be The Day- 1 coat over Coat Couture

There are out in stores now, so be sure to check your local stores! Although Petal Be the Day briefly disappointed me, it ended up working out after all. These 3 polishes would all look great in jelly sandwiches! I can’t wait to try them. When I do, I’ll be sure to either post it on my instagram or on here as a Mani Monday post. Yes, I am aware that I’ve been epically failing with the Mani Monday posts. 

I loved the formula of Standing Bloom Only. A part of me wishes these all had that formula, though I do like them the way they are too. I’m happy to own an affordable dupe to a limited edition OPI polish, The Power of Pink. Jelly glitters are my very favorite. I know I’m not alone, so be sure to take a look in your stores for this collection alone with some of Sinful Colors’ other releases. I’ve put up a few posts on some pretty pretty glitters Shamrockin’ and Love SprinklesBy the time this is up, I should have another post on the Flight Patterns collection.

Happy hunting! Oh, these would look great for Easter too!


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