Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Collection (Silver Scallop & Mer-mint)

Sometimes the drugstore comes out with great polishes… Sometime they aren’t so great. I still haven’t decided where this collection stands on that spectrum.

Sally Hansen has been on fire lately with all their new displays. There are new limited edition collections as well as new shades for their permanent lines. I’ve got a number of polishes from the new shades released but that’s for another day. In this post I would like to focus on these new interesting limited edition Pearl Crush polishes, not to be confused with the Gem Crush ones from years past. These are supposed to resemble crushed pearls on your nails, following the crushed sea shell trend we saw last year. I believe Ciate released a kit to help achieve the nail look. Sally Hansen has these special effects polishes will create a 3D crushed pearl look that will provide “instant glam to heat up your summer look.” I bought two polishes to try for myself, I just could not resist the adorable display of the total nine shades all together. Please take a look and read my review before buying these yourself. Will they glam up your look as much as they claim to?


I saw the display in the store and they looked so precious and pearlescently fabulous I couldn’t resist picking them up. I first spotting them at Target, though they only had a limited display of four shades.

They were sharing a display with the new Instant Ombres, I’ve posted a pic of the full display on Instagram including a little of my thoughts of these polishes. I’m not interested in them, they just look like simple glitter polishes, what’s ombre about them? You have to apply them like you would a glitter gradient to get the look. Why would I choose to get those instead of another (better looking) glitter polish? Just my two cents. If you have them, let me know how you like them. Maybe then will I give them a chance.

I spotted the full Pearl Crush display in Walgreens, that’s when it really sucked me in and I grabbed these two to try.

Full Display (Found in Walgreens)

Shades available in Target

Let’s take a look at the polishes first and we’ll talk more about my opinion on them after.

This very sheer pearly shimmer polish is named Silver Scallop. The pearly base contains tiny shimmer particles that shift from gray to a pinky purple and at more extreme angles, you can see a little green and yellow. There are large iridescent hexes, they’re pretty big, they really make me think of scallops! You have to swirl quite a bit to grab these. These hexes are made of a very thin plastic-like material, which makes them very prone to breaking. Nouveau Cheap says the hexes are made of mylar, a thin reflective plastic material. There are broken pieces of the hexes floating around in the bottle, giving the crushed seashell effect. In my swatch below, you can see them on my middle and pink fingers.

This polish is extremely sheer. There is virtually no way to get this opaque, unless you’re willing to take the time to paint on more than 5 coats!  I applied it over another Sally Hansen polish newly released named In Full Blue-m (review here).

Silver Scallop

Silver Scallop- 1 coat over Sally Hansen In Full Blue-m, no top coat


Mer-mint screams mermaid. Not only the name, the in the bottle, this should be named Essence of Mermaid. If only it was as beautiful as it is in the bottle, how could it not transfer onto the nail this beautifully?

This pearly seafoam green with shimmer jumps from green to a pinky white. There is also large iridescent mylar hexes in here, a characteristic of the whole Pearl Crush Collection. You’ll have to do some fishing. You can always keep the bottle upside down for a few minutes to get the glitter to fall to the top of the bottle, that’ll make it easier to grab those large pieces. Like Silver Scallop, this was also extremely sheer.

I applied this over Bonita Cocktails in Aruba (review here). I tried it without the hexes first and them with them after. Which look do you prefer? I like it without the hexes, it provides a nice veil of pearlescent shimmer that I’m okay with. When you add in the hexes, it looks thick and bubbly.


Mer-mint- 1 coat (no hexes) over Bonita Cocktails in Aruba, no top coat

Mer-mint- 2 coats w/hexes, no top coat

Overall Thoughts

I don’t like these. They’re sheer yet they build up on the nail quickly. Just look how thick the polish looks on my nails! The mylar pieces don’t sit well in the polish, they look like they’re super thick when layered between coats of the polish and can even look like holes. My boyfriend even said he didn’t like the way my nails looked, adding that the gitter pieces “looked like craters” in my nails!

After that remark, you already know how I feel about these. On paper they sound like they’d be lovely but after trying them out, they’re just a huge disappointment. Their beautiful bottled appearance swallowed me up. I was really hoping they would be more opaque. I hope another brand, or the brand themselves, will try their hands at making something similar and better.

If the hexes were shards instead, perhaps I would have liked them better. The hexes are so large and sparse, they just seem so out of place.

These really aren’t anything special. Sure, they are something new from the drugstore and they are interesting but they could have done something better. Less sheer and shard pieces would have worked out nicely. Save your money for all the other new and amazing polishes out right now. Even within the Sally Hansen brand, there are many new displays as mentioned before. There are new shades in the Complete Salon Manicure and Xtreme Wear ranges. I’ve reviewed In Full Blue-m from the new CSM polishes here. A review on the new Xtreme Wear colors is coming soon! Keep a look out for that one, you won’t want to miss it!

What are your thoughts on this new LE collection? Will you be skipping these or are you all for it? Let me know!

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