Sally Hansen In Full Blue-M (Review and Swatches)

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Sally Hansen has taken over the drugstore with new displays featuring tons of new shades for the Complete Salon Manicure and Xtreme Wear lines. I picked up many from the Xtreme Wear display and I can’t wait to show you! I will be reviewing them shortly. This week is most likely going to be all about new Sally Hansen polishes. For today, I will be focusing on the sole polish I bought from the new shades out for the Complete Salon Manicure range.

The display had a wonderful assortment of lighter, pastel shades. I decided to skip on the other because they didn’t seem particularly unique. It was extremely hard for me to pull myself away from the beautiful pastels! My weakness!


I was surprised by its similarity to the new Beachside Astrologer collection Sally Hansen released for this summer (review here). Many of the shades looked the same. Why would they choose to release these so close together? Would you go for the bottles marked limited edition or those marked permanent? If you’re like me, you’d probably just take a mental note of them and just leave them. If they’re permanent, that means they’ll be there next time. That’s what happens to me at least!

I feel that Sally Hansen has been putting out the same colors in their past few collections. Like they’re just slapping on different names. Wait a second. Isn’t there another brand infamous for doing something very much like this? Why do I find it okay for them to do it, but I don’t have the tolerance for this brand? Eh, I have issues. I’m not the only one right? We all have an affinity for new E___ polishes! Right…? Please feel free to ignore me if you don’t feel the same way!


In Full Blue-M is a gray blue lilac, a dove blue with a lilac lean I guess? This polish stood out to me as something different. It’s not as common as the others in the display. This polish is so creamy and perfect in one coat! The formula is fabulous. It was a breeze to apply! I live for these grayed out dusty shades! Maybe I will go back for some of the others…

In Full Blue-M- 1 coat, no top coat

In Full Blue-M- 1 coat, w/top coat


This polish reminds me of a springy verision of OPI Cement the Deal (OPI Fifty Shades of Gray Collection). In Full Blue-M is noticeably lilac in comparison. Cement the Deal is cool toned and looks mostly gray, though sometimes you can see the light blue pull. In Full Blue-M is a spring pastel, whereas Cement the Deal is a fall/winter transition staple. I have a review on Cement the Deal in this post if you would like to see swatches.

In Full Blue-M, Cement the Deal

I am overjoyed to see that the polish I picked from this display performed so well and I am in love with the color! I’m sad to see that we’re transitioning into summer and I will probably opt for brighter shades from this point on. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a manicure using this. I mean, there are no rules in fashion. It’ll be a fashion statement. Chic. I think I may have just talked myself into it!

If this wasn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty more from the entire Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. These new polishes will be joining the permanent range so don’t worry if you don’t spot the display, they should be coming soon to the nail section of your drugstore. I recommend their polishes to anyone! They’re affordable and are of great quality. Plus you can score them for an even better deal when they go on sale! Don’t forget about coupons too!

For more Sally Hansen, check back here. There are a few more posts of new polishes from the brand. Some permanent and others limited edition. The good, the bad and the ugly! Hah, I’ve always wanted to say that.


  1. Ari says:

    Ooh! This color is so pretty!! I love to hate Sally Hansen. I’m a cheapskate at heart so any polish over $5 is too much for me, lol. But I did win some Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes in the #nailglossip twitter chat one day and I have to say that I’m impressed with some of them. I want to hate them because this particular line seems expensive to me and they got rid of Pacific Blue, but I like them because they are decent quality (most of the time) and Extreme Wear line is one of my favorite. Now if only the could do some quality neons so I wouldn’t have to order my Color Clubs online… 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      I feel the same way! I skip over Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure polishes pretty often. I feel like for that price, I could be getting a polish from a higher end brand instead of something from the drugstore. This polish was a joy to apply. I truly recommend In Full Blue-m. Definitely you see Sally Hansen on sale and you’ve racked up some rewards/coupons! That’s what I always do! I’m a cheapskate too. When I go to the drugstore, I prepare myself by bring all the coupons I could possibly find!
      Don’t remind me about that whole Pacific Blue situation! I was so angry with them. How could they get rid of the polish that sky-rocketed my love for polish?! It was probably their most popular color too! Since then, they’ve come out with some pretty good stuff, I’ve been slowly forgiving them for their (huge) mistake. The Create & Ornate glitters from last fall really sucked me in. I’m still waiting for another collection to knock my socks off.
      I haven’t tried much from Color Club, what are your favorites?
      Have you tried the neons from China Glaze? They’re one of the best brands for them. Flip Flop Fantasy is a cult fave and they have many more bright true neons. Aside from those, their recent Electric Nights collection has some neons with a pastel neon feel to them. As for neon yellow, my favorites are from Illamasqua and Orly.

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