Sally Hansen Boho Blue for Xtreme Wear Fall 2015 [Possible Pacific Blue Dupe?]

The other day as I was walking around the drugstore on my never ending search for new products, I spotted the new Sally Hansen limited edition fall collection. There were two lines, the Complete Salon Manicure and Xtreme Wear. I am aware that they’ve also released a Miracle Gel line as well but I haven’t spoted it in person yet. All the colors in the Complete Salon Manicure line drew me in instantly. They looked like perfect fall options but I held myself back, reluctantly. I knew I had polishes too similar in my stash, so I moved on and looked at the Xtreme Wear polishes. I didn’t care for any of them except for one. There was this one shade I thought looked familiar and I hoped it would be a comparable dupe for the long gone but never forgotten Pacific Blue. Keep reading to see how this new polish compares.


From the bottle, I thought Boho Blue was the right shade of blue but I was weary whether the formula would match that of the late Pacific Blue. The original version was and still is praised for its flawless formula. It was just the right consistency and its vibrancy was unmatched, it also somehow didn’t stain the nails like rich colors tend to do. Boho Blue had some rather large shoes to fill.

Right off the bath when I undid the cap and pulled out the brush I knew the verdict.

Boho Blue has a jelly formula. Pacific Blue is a rich creme. This bright medium blue is so similar in shade to Pacific Blue! It’s a shame they didn’t have the same formula. This polish was streaky and patchy on the first coat. That really had me discouraged. Then on the second, it seemed to smooth everything out and looked like a squishy blue jelly polish, which is exactly what it is.

I do like the way it looks but is it unique enough for me to justify buying/keeping it? No, not really. I have many blue jellies and I don’t really reach for them very often. I don’t think this is a must have because it’s not very unique. I’d skip on this and go for something else.

Boho Blue- 2 coats, no top coat


Other than the obvious difference in formula, Boho Blue is a little darker than Pacific Blue.

(L-R) Boho Blue, Pacific Blue

I&R: Boho Blue, M&P: Pacific Blue

There are plenty of Pacific Blue dupes out there so go that route instead. Try Sinful Colors Endless Blue or Blue Paint from Milani. Milani is not priced at $0.97 now at Walmart! I have a post on Instagram of my little mini haul of Milani polishes, Blue Paint is featured in the picture too. At the time of this post, Sinful Colors is on sale at Walgreens for $0.99 so that’s a great option also!

I gotta warn you, although there are numerous Pacific Blue “dupes” out there, there isn’t one that’s exactly like the original. Something about it is just… perfection and it hasn’t been replicated. I would Sally Hansen would just bring it back and get rid of the terrible new formula! I know I’m not alone, there’s someone else thinking the same thing right this second.

In the end, Boho Blue is a decent polish but it’s no Pacific Blue.

Check out the other new fall polishes from Sally Hansen, perhaps pick one from the Complete Salon Manicure line. They looked beautiful! Let me know how it goes!


  1. Ariadna says:

    I’m kinda bummed that this didn’t turn out to be a Pacific Blue dupe to be honest, but it’s still pretty! I almost bought the Babe Blue that’s the dupe to Bikini So Teeny this weekend. I remembered you reviewed it and I was about to buy it but I wouldn’t use it until spring, so I put it back. I’m ready for dark, vampy colors!! Have you seen the new shades from Sinful Colors? has pictures and I want a couple of them, for $2 how can you say no?

    • chezadrienne says:

      Hey! You’re not alone, I was really hoping it would be a dupe. I hope the people at Sally Hansen knock some sense into their heads and decide to bring the original formula back one of these days! It was perfection in a bottle.
      Sinful Colors is seriously slaying it with these new collections! I think at this moment, they have 3 or 4 new ones out in stores. I grabbed the whole Truly Madly Sparkly Collection and a few from the Oh Snap Collection during the Walgreens sale. Even at $2 they are definitely worth it! Who can resist a sale though! I’ve already swatched some from of the Truly Madly Sparkly Collection and I’m liking them so far. Though they’re a little sheer and should probably be worn over a base polish. I’ll get into that in a review though (;.
      I know what you mean, I’ve already pulled out all my fall favorites. I can’t wait for all the oxbloods, eggplants, hunter greens and nearly black polishes!
      I cannot express how much it means to me that you took time out of your day to chat with me! Thank you so much for commenting again!

  2. Ariadna says:

    No need to thank me, I love reading your blog!! I think you’re one of the few blogs that I read that swatches drugstore nail polish. Most blogs swatch the typical salon brands and indies and don’t get me wrong, I like indies, but I can’t afford them. I’m a mom on a tight budget so if I can spend $3 on a bottle of nail polish instead of $10 plus shipping I’m all for it!! Plus, I feel like I’m a little too old to wear glitter and I feel that’s what most indies do, glitter and holos. I love me some cremes and shimmer though so the fact that you show me what’s at the drugstore is really helpful!! 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      Aww, thank you so much! I’m just trying to get these two posts on the Zoya Fall collection out first before the 50% off promo ends then I’ll have some reviews of the new drugstore collections. Have you tried any Zoya? With the deal, they’re $4.50 each, they’re of phenomenal quality. Definitely go check them out if you haven’t. I think they’re the longest lasting regular polish, everyone always praises them on their longevity. They have some of the best formulas around!

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