Sinful Colors The Finishing Touch Collection for Holiday 2015

Sinful Colors has another new collection out just in time for the holidays. In their usual fashion, the collection isn’t just 6 colors like typical brands. They have a full hanging display full of new and old shades. There is seriously something for everyone. From the whole collection, I grabbed 9 polishes. A mix of old and new. At just $1.99 a piece, it’s hard not to give into the temptation of filling up your entire basket to bring home all the polish goodness! I’m thrilled with what I picked and I know after you see these, you’ll want to go out to look for them.

The first is this shimmering blue named Blue By You. This electric blue does indeed suffer from the stinky blue smell that pigmented blues usually have. It has a lovely icy blue fleck and shimmer that captures others. The formula was great, I used two coats but if you’re someone who prefers thicker coats, you could do with just one.

Blue By You- 2 coats, no top coat 


is another shimmery polish, except this has a clear base filled with gold, red, and pink micro glitter. Due to the clear base, this is very sheer. To wear it on its own you’ll need three coats like I have here on my index and middle fingers. Even with three coats, you can still see my VNL peaking through. I think this polish performs better as a topper. I used two coats of Gilded over Essie Romper Room for the other nails. If you decided on getting this or already have it in your collection, you should try layering it over a gold. That would be divine!

Gilded- I&M: 3 coats, R&P: 2 coats over Essie Romper Room


Pine Away is the green equivalent of Blue By You. It’s a green metallic with a foil-like finish that shimmers just as strongly as the blue. It’s the perfect festive Christmas green. The formula was fantastic, nice and creamy. It wasn’t lumpy or bumpy either.

Pine Away- 2 coats, no top coat

Did you ever want a silver polish with a touch of class? This one hits the target right on the mark and it’s one of the new polishes. It’s even called Touch of Class. It’s a soft silver with a pearly appearance and sprinkled in is some pretty purples pink shimmer. This is a different take on the silver polish trend that gives a classier look, like the older, more refined sister of those other silvers.

The formula is a little thin, probably because of the slightly pearl formula. I used two coats for the swatches below but I could have used another. Make sure you allow time for it to fully dry in between coats, otherwise it might pull. It also dries quite brushstrokey.

Touch of Class- 2 coats, no top coat


Now for the glitters. Let’s start off with Holiday Rebel. It has red and green glitter, essentially Christmas colors. For me, the color scheme and how it looks makes me think of cherries. The base is nice and thin so no need for fishing around to get the glitter. For a sparse look, one coat is all you need. If you want to amp up the sparkle, opt for two coats.

Holiday Rebel- 1 coat over Touch of Class


Holiday Rebel- 2 coats over Touch of Class 

Next is my favorite glitter of the collection. Silver Crush is a must have and I believe this is another one of their new polishes. The base was a little thick, thicker than Holiday Rebel but still very easy to use. This silver glitter is full of shards, squares and bar glitter. I absolutely love the square shapes, I find it different and I actually don’t mind the bar glitter due to the different shaped glitter. The bars seem to blend right in.

Silver Crush- 1 coat over Blue By You

I was really excited about this next new glitter, the snowflake shapes interested me. Flake Out has blue pearly shimmer and blue hex and holographic snowflake shaped glitter. The glitter very sparse and when I applied it I was very underwhelmed. I couldn’t even pick up the snowflakes! If you end up grabbing this, you’ll need to make sure you keep your bottle upside down for a while since the glitter tends to settle on the bottom. I had to use a combination of a dabbing and brushing technique to apply it. This isn’t one of Sinful Colors’ bests. Although I do like the holo snowflakes.

Flake Out- 1 coat over Essie Avenue Maintain 

For the last and final polish, here is Star Studded. This is another one of my favorites, this is Sinful Colors at their best. Very glitzy. Mixed metals done right, silver star glitter and pale gold hexes and golden shimmer. I fell in love with this one! This is another one that you need to pick up, it’s new and it’s limited edition!

Star Studded- 1 coat over Sinful Colors Navy I Do (permanent) 


Star Studded- 1 coat over Blue By You


These are my picks from this year’s holiday collection from Sinful Colors. It was fitting for it to be named “The Final Touch” since most of the new polishes were glitters, except for Touch of Class. I really enjoyed all the new releases, even though Flake Out didn’t impress my quite as much as the others. If you spot this collection in stores, I urge you to pick up Silver Crush and Star Studded. Touch of Class was a refreshing the on silver that you should try as well. Don’t forget about the two metallic foil-like shades, Blue By You and Pine Away. These two are re-releases so check your collections before you grab them! Be on the lookout anywhere Sinful Colors is sold, including Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and even Target. For $1.99, they’re more than worth it!


  1. Ariadna says:

    Thanks for sharing this collection, Blue By You, looks absolutely beautiful!! I thought it was going to be really sheer, but I’m glad it’s not. Pine Away also needs to be in my collection since I don’t have any greens like that. Great pictures! 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      Thank you! I was having so much trouble with the pictures in this post, I was out of town and all I had was my phone and iPad to edit this post. I kept deleting pictures accidentally and they were appearing in the wrong order! I’m really glad you liked this! I recently got a new camera, so hopefully that means better more high-definition photos. Well, it’s not anything fancy but it sure is an upgrade!
      Blue By You and Pine Away are for sure some you need to pick up! Be on the lookout for another Sinful Colors 99 cents sale over at Walgreens for an even better deal too!

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