Sinful Colors You Glow Girl Collection for Halloween 2015

Just when you thought the Sinful Colors Collections were finished for fall, you spot another one. The Oh Snap! Collection was okay but this one has got to take the cake! These colors are beautiful. I love and adore these October shades and I am excited for Halloween!

Out of the huge display at Walgreens, I grabbed 5 polishes. Two are new and limited edition, the others are repromotes. This display also had two new glow in the dark polishes that I reviewed here separately since I actually picked them up over at Target. Along with those is the Glow in the Dark top coat they rerelease every Halloween. There are also Walgreen’s exclusive Sin O Lantern nail stickers in the display too. That review of the two new glow in the dark polishes will be coming soon on Friday. For now, let see what Sinful Colors has cooked up for us this time!


The first one I picked up is a new limited edition shade in Stone Cold. This has a gray jelly base with black micro glitter and silver shimmer. I nicknamed this the black pepper polish. Doesn’t it make you think the same thing? It was a little sheerer than I would like, due to the jelly base. I had to use 3 coats for opacity. I would suggest wearing this over a gray or black base to boost the coverage for less layering.

Stone Cold- 3 coats, no top coat


Stone Cold- 1 coat over Petal Pushers (Essie Flowerista Collection -Spring 2015)

Rich in Heart is not new to Sinful Colors fans. I’ve seen pictures and swatches before but have never tried it out for myself. I decided to pick it up during the most recent 99¢ sale at Walgreens. This rich vampy red is the perfect velvety metallic, with a little chocolatey brown mixed in. The formula is awesome! One coat.  It is so creamy and not at all brushstrokey! Oh my, how delicious.

Rich in Heart- 1 coat, no top coat


The second new limited edition shade is Devil’s Stare. On the Sinful Color’s site, it’s labeled as a Walgreen’s exclusive so you’ll only be able to find this there. Devil’s Stare has a strong pinky red jelly base dense with micro iridescent hex and flakie glitter. This can dry a little dull and textured, so definitely whip out your top coat!

Devil’s Stare- 1 coat over Rich in Heart, no top coat


I was tad surprised to see Copper Pot in the display. This polish is usually rereleased every March for St. Patrick’s Day, with a name like Copper Pot, I’m sure you would have guessed that. This copper is definitely fitting for the season, it’s a PSL color. Pumpkin spice latte. For those who don’t like orange polish, this isn’t one for you. There’s some soft golden shimmer that spices this PSL even further. The formula was good, though you can pick out the brushstrokes.

Copper Pot- 2 coats, no top coat


It is like the orange sibling of Essie Leggy Legend (review). These two are not at all dupes for one another. Copper Pot is noticeably more orange. It’s pretty much copper versus bronze.

Copper Pot, Leggy Legend

I&R: Copper Pot, M&P: Leggy Legend (review)

Lastly, I picked out Courtney Orange. This shimmery pearl metallic orange looked promising in the bottle. I brought it home and learned it, along with Rich in Heart, is one of very first Sinful Colors polishes to hit the market. It has a great formula with just the right consistency for this finish, It was nearly a one coater but I need a second coat to cover my visible nail lines.

Courtney Orange- 2 coats, no top coat


In a separate display over at Rite Aid, I saw that they brought back Splatter Spell from last year’s Halloween Collection (review). So if you skipped out, go grab it now. It’s the fifth one from the left. Be sure to check out my review to see swatches!

Out of the past 3 or 4 collections from Sinful Colors, I would have to pick this one out to be my favorite. It had more unique shades compared to the others. I really enjoyed Rich in Heart and hope everyone goes out to try this if they haven’t! You know they’ve had this shade out since 1995? It’s an ageless classic! This shade is still a part of their permanent line, so there’s no need to rush out to find it. You do need to rush out to grab the two new limited edition glitters if you’re interested. Also make sure to take a look at the post that’ll be coming up in a few days on the limited edition glow in the dark glitter polishes! Update: the post is up and ready! See for yourself if these glow in the dark polishes fit your taste!

Sinful Colors is one of my favorite drugstore brands at an amazing affordable price of $1.99. Sometimes at Walgreens they even go on sale for 99¢! The brand is sold at many other retailers such as Walmart, Target and Rite Aid. They’ve done an excellent job providing us with quality polishes for cheap!


  1. Liza Almazan says:

    I only picked up the 2 new glitters since I had the other 3 you featured here. I tried Stone Cold just to see how it looked and it was very sheer for me, at 4 coats I think I got it opaque. I thought I would try it over a gray and I am sure it will look great at 2 coats.

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