Sinful Colors Truly Madly Sparkly Collection

I’m all about different finishes. I love a good creme but every now and then I’ll mix things up with something more fun into the rotation. Sinful Colors is bringing the excitement with their new Truly Madly Sparkly Collection. It has everything from jelly glitters, pearly shifts and shimmers. Some wear well on their own, which others are best used as toppers.

I have this entire collection to share today, all eight polishes. Out of them all, two are repromotes from their core line. The other six are new and limited edition. I didn’t own the two already, that worked out well, this way, I can share the entire collection and my thoughts on it as a whole! In addition, five are Walgreen’s exclusive polishes, according to their official site. That makes everything even more exclusive than it already was!


Here’s a look at all eight again, in the typical line up.



Palm Breezy is a blue shimmer polish. This polish is a Walgreens exclusive and it may also be in their permanent line at Walgreens. I recall seeing its own spot in the full Sinful Colors permanent section, correct me if I’m wrong.

It has a turquoise blue jelly base and is packed with silver micro shimmer. It’s so full of shimmer that it almost gives the effect of a shimmery metallic foil. This polish reminds me of Essie’s Trophy Wife, except more sparkly and fun.

Palm Breezy- 2 coats, no top coat


Let Me Go is the second repromote and is part of their core collection. This lavender purple pearl looks beautiful in the bottle. The sheer purple base is full of fine pearly shimmer that shifts from blue/green/gold. This is very sheer, it is definitely meant to be worn as a topper. You’ll never be able to get this opaque on its own. Here I have it won over Truth or Lavendare from the recent Sinful Colors Chalkboard Diaries Collection (review here). I like the way it gave the lavender creme a elegant look with just one coat.

Let Me Go- 1 coat over Truth or Lavendare


Now to the 6 new limited edition shades. Each of these polishes have a sticker with “Bling It On” printed on them so it’s not hard to spot in your stores! These “Bling It On” polishes dry with some texture, so if that’s not you’re thing just add a top coat to smooth things down.

Let’s start with this hot fuchsia pink jelly glitter named Hit the Dance Glow. There is pink micro shimmer and sparse tiny purple, blue and silver holo glitter. Due to the jelly base, you need to build this one up with 3 coats, even then you can still see my nail line. You can of course choose to layer it over any polish as a topper rather than wearing it on its own. This is the only one of the “Bling It On” polishes that isn’t marked as a Walgreens exclusive on the site. The rest of the 5 following this one are exclusive to Walgreens.

Hit the Dance Glow- 3 coats, no top coat


Teal Midnight is a jelly glitter, it has a teal blue jelly holds just the right amount of teal and green iridescent glitter and some blue iridescent shimmer. This is much lighter when applied to the nail than it looks in the bottle. The base is thicker than Hit the Dance Glow but it’s a sheerer polish. This is like a mermaid’s tail. I wish the micro hex glitter was replaced with flakies, that would have been beautiful! This is still nice, it’s just not really my taste.

Teal Midnight- 3 coats, no top coat (Walgreens Exclusive)


I have a weak spot for purples and Interstellar knocked on that weak spot hard. This polish has the best formula so far and perhaps of the whole collection. This violet jelly is filled with bluey purple micro glitter and even smaller silver holo glitter, there is also some fine pearly purple shimmer. This has a similar feel to Hit the Dance Glow. I like this one better. Firstly because it’s purple and second, it’s less… Barbie girl.

Interstellar- 3 coats, no top coat  (Walgreens Exclusive)


Just Glisten is a shimmery white frost with a pearly white base. You know how almost everyone hates frost? It looks so much better when you add some shimmer to get rid of those brushstrokes everyone hates. This polish is dense enough to be used alone or as a topper. I used 2 coats and it covered well, I could have used a third to cover my visible nail line. This one dries with some sandy texture, not as chunky as the others since there isn’t any larger glitter.

Just Glisten- 2 coats, no top coat (Walgreens Exclusive)


Snow and Teal is an interesting one. It has a soft seafoam green jelly base completely packed with pearly shimmer. Plus, there’s tons of iridescent micro glitter added in as well. This is another one that was extremely sheer, even with 3 coats, it was still too sheer to be worn alone. This would be pretty over a mint creme.

Snow and Teal reminds me of Sally Hansen Mer-mint from the Pearl Crush Collection (review here). They should have gone with a formula like this instead of what they came out with!

Snow and Teal- 3 coats, no top coat (Walgreens Exclusive)


The last polish of this collection is Starlet Fever. This is a pink jelly glitter. This would be the pink verision of Teal Midnight. It has a mix of pink iridescent micro glitter and pink shimmer. You know how I’ve said I’m not really a fan of pink? Well, I really do not like this one. This is just my opinion, but this one looks like it’s for the age group of 10 and below. What do you think? Tell me it’s not just me!

Starlet Fever- 2 coats, no top coat
IMG_5070 IMG_5071

What are my thoughts on this whole collection? It was okay. Just okay. I was excited at first when I saw that Sinful Colors came out with a jelly glitter collection. then I tried it and it just didn’t hit the spot for me. I’m not really into glitter polishes with mostly one-sized glitter. I know that each polish also had shimmer and other sizes but what shows up the most is just one size and it’s iridescent glitter. Sometimes iridescent glitter can look kiddy and that was true for some of these polishes. The girly pinks looked too “Barbie-like” for me.

I could have done without most of these polishes. Although there were some I did end up enjoying, I probably wouldn’t have picked them up if I could have a redo. The one polish that stands out to me and was my very favorite would easily be Interstellar. This is probably because this had a dark base, the others were pastels and light colors (except Hit the Dance Glow, that’s hot pink and we know how I feel about that). I generally like when girly is mixed with edgy and Interstellar touches on both of those.

I’m not saying the others were terrible, this is just my opinion on this collection. I do want to say that I enjoyed Palm BreezyLet Me Go and Snow and Teal. At $1.99 a bottle and sometimes $0.99 on sale, you can definitely afford to grab a few to try. The holidays are coming up in a few months and sparkly and shimmery is fitting for that time of year! Also don’t forget that 5 out of the 8 are Walgreens exclusive and 6 are limited edition shades! Just look on the Sinful Colors site to see which are here. More Sinful Colors is coming soon so be sure to check back! It seems that they release more than one collection in stores at a time! I can’t keep up!


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