Sinful Colors | Punk Yourself: Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat Review

Special effects top coats. Love ’em or hate ’em?

One of the most affordable brands at the drugstore just released a whole collection full of new special effects top coats called “Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats”. What do they do? They give a spotted effect to any polish.

Remember the shatter polish trend years back? Maybe this’ll start (back up) the spotted trend.

Interest peaked? Keep reading.

Spotted top coats aren’t a new thing. The most famous was OPI’s Black Spotted polish released back in 2012 with the Spiderman Collection. It was a France-exclusive, so it was really hard to get your hands on. Then people started trying to duplicate the look by dropping drops of polish into cups of water and using a spray bottles to get the spotted effect.

If you wanted spotted nails, that was the way to do it. Water spotted nail art enjoyed a moment in the spotlight but it never really caught on and the trend pretty much died as quickly as it surfaced.

The new Sinful Colors Punk Yourself Collection features 5 new Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats, “liquefied shades” that can be layered on any polish to achieve a spotted look. The result is a bizarre swirly spotted look that’s unique.

Sinful Colors teamed up with popstar Era Istefi to release this collection. I wonder how much input Era had, or how much she contributed to this collection. Is she a fan of this effect? I don’t know much about her, or if she’s into polish, so I’m just thinking out loud here.

The display features 8 new hypnotic transforming top coats as well as 6 cremes from Sinful Colors main range. I spotted this at Ulta.

I have some important information you need to know about these polishes before we go on.

The trick with these is to use it over wet polish. WET. This is where I went wrong the first time I tried them. I thought they worked the same way Black Spotted worked. I thought they could be painted on and the polish would magically separate on its own, but these are activated with wet polish.

No where on the bottle or display did it say it needed to be used on wet polish. One jump onto the Sinful Colors website and I learned I was using it wrong! HannahRoxNails on YouTube also has a great video on these.

How to use:
To get the results I wanted, I first painted on a layer of my base polish, then I went in with a second layer of blobs of polish. I tried painting on a full layer of polish but it ended up being too much polish to maneuver around the nail. When adding the Hypnotic top coat, you can paint it over the entire nail, or have a targeted application. Make sure you wipe of the brush of these effect polishes before you paint them on, the connecting brush rod on these really like to hold onto polish and it trickles down, ruining your work.

It takes some experimentation to figure out just how much polish is just enough to activate the top coat. Too much and you’ll get a goopy mess. Too little and you won’t get any spotting effect. Linear and swirling brush strokes will give you different effects, so have a little fun with technique here.

Here’s what my nail looked like before applying the top coat. Base color with blobs of polish for the design. These blobs don’t have to be perfect, this is where messiness is a plus!

Redrum I used over a white base, KL Polish Tuxedo Mask (review here).

Concrete Jungle I used over Zoya Danielle (review here). Then I used Essie Miss Fancy Pants for my wet blob layer, as explained above. I was hoping this gray would be less opaque so I would get more of a smokey effect, but I don’t mind too much. I like the marbled look I ended up having.

What do I think?

These are not beginner friendly.

First of all, nowhere on the packaging did it instruct the user that these had to be used over wet polish. I can imagine the average consumer buying these, painting them on and wait, only to be disappointed to see their polish isn’t transforming.

Then when you learn how to use them, it’s not quite the stroll in the park they make you believe. Read above for the how to’s of these polishes.

These can get a little messy too, because of the trickling issue I mentioned before. So be ready for some possible clean-up. After you get a feel for these, they’re pretty fun.

It’s like marbling but with less materials. They give a pretty cool effect, and I can see the appeal, but I don’t know if I’d be willing to pick up more. It’s pretty unlikely that I would reach for these again. It’s just too much work for what it is.

At $1.99 each, it’s a fun way to try something new. Unique nail designs are always nice. Give it a shot, see if you like it. As a plus, these work on their own too. They’re really good cremes and when used alone, 2 coats will get you opacity.

They’re limited edition and available now. I got these at Ulta but they should be rolling out in stores where Sinful Colors is sold at. Keep an eye on Walgreens, they have frequent sales on Sinful Colors.

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