Sinful Colors Oh Snap Collection for Fall 2015

This week Sinful Colors is yet again on sale at Walgreens for 99 cents! That means I need to roll out some reviews for you! Here’s a fall collection from sinful Colors that contains a little something that suits every season. The Oh Snap collection is out now in stores. I grabbed 5 polishes out of the 8. There are 6 new polishes, a repromote named Rose Dust and a Clear Top Coat in the full display.


To start on a bright note, here is a shimmery candy pink named Retro Rosie. A very Valentine’s Day pink, I’d say. Loaded with lots of silver shimmer. This polish makes me feel super girly is very pink. I’ve said plenty of times that I don’t care for pink but something about this I don’t mind. Perhaps it’s just because I’m (already) tired of all the dark dreary colors fall always entails. I just love the idea of this pink paired with a rough leather jacket and an all black and white outfit. I’m all about mixing girly and tough! Retro Rosie has a crelly formula and was a breeze to apply. I needed just 2 coats.

Retro Rosie- 2 coats, no top coat


If Retro Rosie is a little too pink for you, and I completely understand if it is, maybe Plum Luck is more your speed. Perfect for this season, this is a crelly berry with great pigmentation and a slightly thin consistency. I needed 2 coats. Love how shiny this dries due to the bit of jelly in the formula! I feel like I actually don’t own something quite like this, so I would say this was a good purchase!

Plum Luck- 2 coats, no top coat


In the bottle, Ink Positive appears to be a deep dark purple. This is actually a jelly polish so it applies much sheerer and is more of a plum. This should have been named Plum Luck instead! This jelly dries with a gorgeous shine. It can apply a little patchy in the beginning due to the jelly formula, but I liked the result after 2 coats.

If you’re looking for something deeper and with a jelly-like finish, try Lidia from Zoya (review) or In the Lobby from Essie (review). Honestly, I’d grab this instead for just $1.99!

Ink Positive- 2 coats, no top coat


I’ve chosen No Filter as the star of this collection. I am currently loving metallic shift shades, I blame those beautiful Color Club Oil SlicksNo Filter fits the bill. this purple gives off a rich royal purple with an indigo flash. It goes on sheer on the first coat. With 2 coats, this rich violet is perfection. You must hunt this down during the sale!

No Filter- 2 coats, no top coat


Yellows are a hit or miss. There’s no in-between, you either like the look or you don’t. How do you feel about a yellowy gold? Antique Your Interest is definitely a yellow gold. Very yellow. A sheery pearly yellow gold, just look at those pics. I really took a chance with this one and I am really glad I only spent a dollar on this. No thank you. I did not like this. It’s very sheer and too yellow for me! Perhaps maybe if you’re going for a mummy look for Halloween? This makes me think of a mummy’s coffin.

Antique Your Interest- 3 coats, no top coat


I’m always on the look out for new Sinful Colors Collections. I’d say this was a hit or miss collection. There were some good ones. Antique Your Interest was a definite miss for me. I wouldn’t have gotten it if it wasn’t for the sale. My favorite without any question is No Filter. That’s the one you need for sure! I also liked the others! They’re all undoubtedly worth a trip over to Walgreens! 99 cents this week from 10/4-10/10! Whooooo! In case there isn’t a Walgreens near you, Sinful Colors is also available at Rite Aid, Target and Walmart.

Also take a look at the other Sinful Colors Collection out now: Truly Madly Sparkly and also feast your eyes on this amazing polish from their Sinful Shine line, it was limited edition and has now been brought back!

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