Sinful Colors Love Bombs (LE for Valentine’s 2016)

This week is going to be all about Valentine’s Day. There are so many items that I want to share with you that are themed around this day of love! To start things off, I have a budget-friendly polish from Sinful Colors. After that expensive little number from yesterday, this was much nicer to my wallet.

Keep reading to check out this new limited edition glitter from Sinful Colors!


Love Bombs is a glitter polish with a generous amount of silver, fuchsia, and pink glitter as well as some scattered metallic blue hearts. The base of this polish is tinted a light purple and along with the hex glitter, there is also a ton of silver micro-glitter. Running through this is also an opalescent flash of blue/purple shimmer too. So many components!


Due to the sheer tinted base, this is probably a polish you would layer over a base color. To show you just how sheer this is, take a look at it with three coats alone. If you want to use it by itself, be prepared to use multiple layers.

To see if I could get the tinted base to show up, I even tried layering this over white. Do you see any purple coming through?? Me either. That pearly violet sheen is gorgeous though!

1 coat over white, no top coat

2 coats over white, no top coat

For me, I would prefer this over a lavender or a baby pink. In my swatch pictures below, I applied it over OPI Let’s Be Friends from the new OPI X Hello Kitty Collection (review here).

Love Bombs was very easy to apply. I was able to get a good amount of my brush easily and didn’t give me much trouble. The metallic blue heart-shaped glitter was a bit of a pain. I really had to get my brush in the bottle and do some fishing. These hearts really just want to sink to the very bottom of the bottle so the best thing to do would be to set your polish upside-down for a few minutes before polishing.

1 coat over OPI Let’s Be Friends, no top coat

As with most dense glitter polishes, you’ll want to top coat this to make it shiny and to bring everything together.

2 coats over OPI Let’s Be Friends, w/top coat

How did you feel about this polish? To be honest, I was a little let down. I loved the one from last year’s Valentine’s Day collection and a part of me was hoping they would bring that one back and perhaps give it some siblings in different colors. I still really like this, it just won’t replace Love Sprinkles as my #1 favorite glitter from Sinful Colors.

I like how complex this glitter polish is. I appreciate the intricate mix of glitter shapes and colors but it I don’t think this is one that I would wear in a full manicure. I really liked just one coat over the soft pink, it gave a light girly feel that isn’t too over the top. I actually don’t mind the lack of heart glitter during my application, I prefer the look of the nails without the heart.

I urge you to get Love Bombs if you see it in stores. It’s different from the other glitters the drugstore has to offer and it really is pretty. The price is also hard to beat! For $1.99, grab a few and give them out to your girlfriends for Vday! You should be able to spot the display in Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walmart. I seem to have the best luck finding new Sinful Colors polishes at my Walgreens so I’d say to start there first!

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  1. Ariadna says:

    I agree with you, I don’t care much for the blue heart. I think it’s a nice touch while trying to be different but I can do without it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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