Sinful Colors Dressed to Kill/You Glow Girl Collection New Glow in the Dark for Halloween 2015

I posted on Wednesday that there was more to the You Glow Girl collection, here are the two new polishes available in both the You Glow Girl Collection and the Dressed to Kill Collectionst Target. For Part I of my review on Sinful Colors’ new Halloween polishes, take a look at my review here.

As I was going through Target’s Halloween section, besides the delicious candies and chocolates, these caught my eye. Sinful Color’s newest release features these two new limited edition glow in the dark glitter toppers. What’s Halloween without something glow in the dark? So let’s see the glow!

When you hear the words “glow in the dark” green will probably be the first color that comes to mind, so let’s start there. Skele-Bration is an extremely sheer lime green jelly with black skull and crossbones glitter.

I needed to wear it over a base so I used I Cannoli Wear OPI (OPI Venice Collection for FW2015). It applied a little patchy. If you want to use this it would be best to wear it over another green so you wouldn’t notice the patchiness. Besides the patchiness, the base is pretty thick. The glitter likes to sink to the bottom of the bottle so before application, it’s best to leave the bottle upside-down to allow it to float to the top in order to minimize the amount of time used to fish for glitter.


Skele-Bration- 2 coats over I Cannoli Wear OPI, no top coat


Glow in the dark polishes typically require charging. What? Charging? I’ll explain. To charge your polish, or activate it, you’ll need to hold it up under light for about 20-30 seconds. Any light will do, even your phone’s flashlight. Here’s a snap of what my nails looked like in the dark after being charged!

Skele-Bration in the dark

Go Batty had me a little confused by the name. It’s a sheer light blue jelly with silver holographic moon glitter. There are no bats, which makes me wonder why’d they name this Go Batty. Well, I guess I’ve gone batty over it. Hah. I’m terrible. This is just as sheer as Skele-Bration so once again, I used OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI for a base. It applied a little patchy. I flipped the bottle and did the same trick as before to get the glitter to flow out easier. The base of this was a little thinner, so I was able to get much more glitter on my brush than with the other.

Go Batty

Go Batty- 2 coats over I Cannoli Wear OPI, no top coatimage


Go Batty in the dark

Out of the two I prefer Go Batty much more. I love the combination of a light blue jelly and holographic moon glitter. I think glow in the dark green polish has been done so many times that it seems quite boring now. Perhaps if they had put the skull and crossbones glitter into a red jelly base, it would have looked better. Something about it just didn’t seem right.

If you’re not into playful shaped glitter, skip on these. They’re fun but they’re not must haves. If you don’t see yourself using these then by all means, try something else. The Oh Snap and Truly Madly Sparkly Collections are also out! Also don’t forget about the other Halloween polishes from this collection! There’s truly something for everyone.

These polishes are not available in stores and they’re limited edition. I also just did a review on the Sinful Colors Halloween collection for this year! Be sure to check that post out, there’s a shade that’s a Walgreen exclusive that you might like!


  1. Liza Almazan says:

    I got Skele-Bration last week but was disappointed by how sheer it was when I got home. I kept trying to think what color I should put it over. It thought white at first but I might have to put it over a green, as per your suggestion. It was hard to get the glitters out. I think I just got it because it looked different than other things I have but I am not sure if I will be using it. I would much rather wear the China Glaze Halloween collection on Halloween, I swatched them last night and I love them 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      I got them for the same reason. They’re cute but not practical. When will I ever need to wear out a skull and crossbones glitter other than Halloween? I’ve been eyeing the China Glaze Halloween collection, I’m going to need to check them out in stores. The glitters are calling my name!

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