Sinful Colors Fierce Fiesta from the Piñata Blast Collection (Summer 2015)

I’ve been seeing the new Sinful Colors polishes all over social media this past month and I didn’t have much luck spotting them in my area. It wasn’t until I was in New York when I stumbled upon them at Walgreens. I still haven’t seen them at my local stores. I picked up all three of the polishes to review.

This week, I’m quite the busy bee so I’ll be posting up a review for each separately. To kick of this Piñata Blast Collection, here’s the first one, Fierce Fiesta.


Fierce Fiesta holds a fiesta of matte glitter. There are all difference sizes and types in this bottle. In the bottle, it looks like a piñata that has been cracked open, spilling with candy left and right. There are large pink hexes, white long thin bars, mini red and yellow hexes, micro blue glitter and very thin white and pink specks. It’s a fierce fiesta alright!


Bar glitter isn’t my thing. I just never liked the way they looked. Only recently did I find a bar glitter polish I don’t mind and actually enjoy. It’s this one from L’Oreal, part of their limited edition collection for Fourth of July.

Fierce Fiesta over the red I chose seemed to work perfectly together. They really complimented one another. Sunset Sneaks (Essie summer 2015) makes Fierce Fiesta look hot tamale!

Fierce Fiesta- 1 coat over Essie Sunset Sneaks (Essie Summer 2015 review)


I ended up liking Fierce Fiesta more than I thought I would. I still would have preferred if they had taken out the bar glitter, but I do understand why they included it. Since typical piñatas have long strips of paper hanging off, giving it a fringe effect. With all honestly, I would have loved it much ore if the white bar glitter was replaced with white medium-sized hex or circle glitter.

I’m curious. Who here likes bar glitter? What’s your favorite bar glitter polish? Would you be willing to try this? Well, for just $1.99 each and sometimes for $1 on sale, it’s worth a try right?! Sinful Colors is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Unbelievably great quality for the price! Some of my favorite glitter polishes come from this brand (here, here & here)!

If bar glitter isn’t your thing and you want to check out the other polishes in this collection, stick around. I will be reviewing the other two from this collection this week!

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