Sinful Colors Chalkboard Diaries Collection for Back to School 2015

The most recent Sinful Colors collection I reviewed was sort of a let down. After such a disappointment, I wanted the brand to redeem itself. I know they are capable of producing amazing polishes with impeccable formulas, so I headed back to the drugstore in search of the new collections. I was able to run across this new collection. The Chalkboard Diaries Collection features polishes with a demi matte finish, just look at those stickers stuck onto each one. Yep, like a chalkboard finish. Yes, they all have the stickers, they’re just around the sides of the caps so they’re not all showing in the picture below. I picked up all that was available at my store. I’m missing 2 from this collection, Whiteboard and Chalkboard, a white and black. Let’s hope this on wows me more than the neon collection! I’m rooting for you Sinful Colors!


Truth or Lavendare is a lavender crime that’s thick and creamy. The formula tends to drop down the brush easily, so make sure you wipe down the brush on the neck of the bottle before you start painting. Let’s avoid excessive dripping polish on our nails, shall we? Other than that. This was very easy to work with. I used 2 coats but this could easily be a one coater.

Truth or Lavendare- 2 coats, no top coat
natural light

indoor artificial light

w/top coat

V.I.Peach is a light lemon crenelated that dries to a nice demi matte. I really have no idea why this has “peach” in it’s name but it’s a true lemon creme. It wasn’t very hard to work with like you’d expect from a yellow polish. Be sure to apply thin coats to keep your application for even. Using thin coats always ensures a faster dry time than using thick ones. I ended up using 3 thin coats to cover my nail. I like this shade of yellow, it’s pretty. Very springy. Sadly not going to use this during fall.

V.I.Peach- 3 coats, no top coat
natural light

indoor artificial light

w/top coat

Hazed is one of the two polishes in this collection that isn’t a creme. This red grap jelly polish had a very wet and thin formula. I used 3 thin coats. This color is a good one for fall. It’s probably the only one I’ll be using this season. It looks great in its natural finish and with some shine!

Hazed- 3 coats, no top coat
natural light

indoor artificial light

w/top coat

This milky pastel green caught my eye in the display and it was one of the very first ones I picked up. I generally don’t wear light greens, I feel it doesn’t compliment my yellow undertones but I still pick them up every now and then to try. Chalk It Up is the name of this green. It performed pretty well, it was a tad streaky on the second coat so I applied a third. I don’t like this finish with this color. I added a nice helping of top coat to glossed and freshen things up.

Chalk It Up- 3 coats, no top coat
natural light

indoor artificial light

w/top coat

Pink Break is a dusty mauvey pink. It’s very creamy and was easy to work with. It provided good coverage in the first coat but I used two to build up the coverage even more. This shade makes my skin look a little washed out so it’s not my favorite. It’s not as dark as Sinful Colors Starfish from the permanent line. Starfish is a darker, dustier pink.

This polish didn’t seem to dry down at all, it stayed glossy the whole time. I kept it on for an hour or so and nothing happened. Something about the formula was different than the others. It has the Demi matte sticker on the bottle so this polish was supposed to have the same finish.

Pink Break- 2 coats, no top coat



A-Crush is a periwinkle lilac creme everybody loves. This color is one of my summer favorites. You know, this color is probably a fave all year round! It applie just as easy as the other comes and I had no problems with it. Perfect thickness. I had this on my toes for a month straight. This stuff really stayed on.

Indoors, it can look more subdued and can appear to be a lilac gray. Did I mention I live for dusty shades? In bright lighting or sunlight, it brightens. I love colors like this that can transform!

A-Crush- 2 coats, no top coat
natural light

indoor artificial light

w/top coat

RADiant is the second jelly polish of this collection. This hot pinky red has a thinner formula but covers pretty well. I used two coats. I prefer this with a layer of top coat.

RADiant- 2 coats, no top coat
natural light

indoor artificial light

w/top coat


Yay! A collection with some great creme polishes from an affordable drugstore brand! Sinful Colors does some fantastic cremes and releases some stunning collections so I knew they were capable of this. I’m glad they decided to play with finishes by making these dry in a demi matte finish. Chalky, in a good way.

My favorites from this collection are A-Crush and Truth or Lavendare. Those are the two colors I tend to gravitate towards, purple and blue, so it’s only natural that I chose those. These polishes are all great, I had no significant problems with any of them. Chose your favorites or grab them all!

The Chalkboard Diaries collection is now available anywhere Sinful Colors polishes are sold, such as Walgreens, Rite Aid and Target to name a few. I urge you to head over to Walgreens before the week is through ’cause they’re having a sale right this moment on Sinful Colors! This week only, all Sinful Colors polishes are 99 cents! GOOO! Try to look for their other new collections as well, I believe they have 4 new ones out now!


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