New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 2015 Permanent Shades

When you think of drugstore nail polishes, chances are, Sally Hansen is surely one of the brands that come to mind. New for 2015, Sally Hansen has added new nail polishes to their more affordable Xtreme Wear range. They’ve recently made revisions to this line that stirred up the nail community (RIP old Pacific Blue), but these new polishes are promising.

From these new display of these releases, I chose the colors that appealed most to me. I feel like these are colors that are must haves in any polish lover’s collection. So if you happen to not own one of these shades already, maybe you should look into these new Xtreme Wear polishes. Onto the swatches and review, let’s see if these are good.

For those who work at offices, a creamy nude polish with a great formula is something you absolutely need to have. Bare It All is a creamy beige nude with a hint of pink. It’s a perfect universal nude. I feel it’ll look great on most skin tones. It seems to have a bit of a jelly, crelly formula and you need just 2 coats for full coverage. If a nude is a polish you can’t be without, try this one. You won’t feel so bad if you finish it up, ’cause you can replace it easily for $3!

Bare It All- 2 coats, no top coat

Essie’s Bikini So Teeny is a cult favorite. If you like pastels, you probably own(ed) it. Babe Blue from this new release looks very similar. I picked it up purely to see how it would compare with my favorite summer go-to.

Babe Blue- 2 coats, no top coat

Babe Blue is a light periwinkle with shimmer. From the moment I saw it, I knew they would be close dupes, they pretty much ‘duped’ it, right down to the shimmer. You can’t tell a difference at all in the bottle or on the nails. I can confidently call Babe Blue a dupe for Bikini So Teeny.

I&R: Babe Blue, M&P: Bikini So Teeny

Which one would I pick over the other? If you factor out price and base it simply on formula, I’d say Bikini So Teeny is the better choice. Babe Blue is watery but builds well and Bikini So Teeny has a richer formula in comparison. Of course price is very influential, so if I were to run out of my existing bottle, I would probably be just as happy to replace it with something that’s cheaper.

My third and final pick is Big Teal. I don’t agree with the name of this one. Sure, it is a mixture of green and blue, but it’s not at all teal. It’s more of a sky blue, these’s just barely any green. These’s some dustiness thrown in too, that separates it from all my other light blue polishes. This formula reminds me of the Electric Pastel collection Sally Hansen put out this past summer. I have that whole collection, but this isn’t a dupe for any of the colors. The formula seems one in the same. It’s very very creamy and easily go on. It’s beautiful.

Big Teal- 2 coats, no top coat

Here’s a picture comparing it to the blue from the Electric Pastel collection, Wet Suit.

(L-R) Big Teal, Wet Suit

The most similar I could find also comes from Essie. Do we see a theme here? Either I just own too much Essie, or Sally Hansen is learning a thing or two from its competitor. In The Cabana is very similar, it’s darker and more saturated with turquoise than Big Teal. With an extra coat of Big Teal, they look alike. On the nail, they’re dupes.

I&R: Big Teal, M&P: In the Cabana

I’m excited for Sally Hansen as a brand. They’re putting out so many new collections all while expanding their existing lines. These three polishes are winners. I love both Bare It All and Big Teal. These two would be my recommendations.

In the end, if I were to just pick one, I would say Big Teal is the one to get. The color is one that I can use often and the formula is creamy and easy to work with. If nudes are you’re thing, then get Bare It All! It’s gorgeous and a great every day color.

Even if the colors featured don’t strike your fancy, check out these new permanent shades for yourself, or even the rest of the Xtreme Wear range. Although they’re just $3, they preform like polishes triple their price. There was also a shade named Mauve that’s a marsala shade, the new “Color of the Year,” named by Pantone. The next time you pass by these, take a look and try a few. Oh, did I mention they’re just $3?


  1. Ari says:

    Hi! I don’t know how I found your blog but I’m glad I did! I’ve been quickly looking through it (I’m at work) and I just wanted to say that I like the fact that you show a lot of drugstore nail polishes. While I love OPI and China Glaze, I don’t like to spend more than $5 on a nail polish so I love drugstore nail polish!! Also, one question, do you by any chance have any swatches of the Electric Pastel collection from Sally Hansen? I found out about it too late and I can’t find any of them in stores, and I can’t find many other people who have swatched them. Anyway, I’ll be coming back to your blog to see what else you have in store!! 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I really try my best to include a mix of both salon and drugstore brands and the occasional higher brand polishes. I started my love of polish at the drugstore, so that is where my heart is. I love finding drugstore gems. They preform just as good and in some cases, even better than polishes 2 or 3 times their price. Although nothing has really caught my eye since the amazing Wet n Wild Summer collection!
      I do have the full Electric Summer Pastel Collection, I have no idea why I never decided to post up a review. At that time I had just started my blog so my swatches were, well… even worse than they are now! That collection was amazing, I’m surprised there aren’t many swatches available! Have you seen Slashed Beauty’s review? She’s captured them amazingly and the pictures are very true to color, here’s a link just in case you haven’t. I hope I’ve helped you out a little. If you want, maybe I can swatch some of them up and post them over on Instagram for a Throwback Thursday type of thing? Just let me know!
      Thank you again for your support, it seriously brightens up my day!

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