Sally Hansen NEW Xtreme Wear Color Xpression

I’ve posted a couple of posts about new polishes from Sally Hansen. One not so good and the other exceptionally good, the Pearl Crush polishes & a Complete Salon Manicure polish named In Full Blue-m. Here’s another post on new permanent shades to join their affordable Xtreme Wear line.

The display had eight new shades and from the eight, I picked up five. I wanted to get a feel for the new colors and these were the ones that appealed the most to me. Some of the colors I was excited for, they looked like colors we had seen once before from Sally Hansen but were mercilessly taken away from us and replaced by fakes! Haha, do you know what I’m referring to? Keep reading to find out!


The display for these new shades was full. By full, I mean some Complete Salon Manicure polishes crashed the party and decided to make it their home too. Just ignore them. I was too lazy to pick each one of them out, all the new Xtreme Wear polishes are in the front anyway so it shouldn’t been too distracting. At least I hope not! I apologize for the messy and slightly blurry photo!

Something to note is that there’s a spot on this display specifically for their new Big Kwik Dry top coat. Have you tried it? Is it any good? I’m not looking for any new top coats for now, I have a ton of fresh bottles. One that’s on the very top of my list is Essie’s new gel top coat. I posted a picture over on my Instagram. It claims to deliver the shine of a gel without the need for curing or anything. You just apply it like a regular top coat. I’ve heard excellent reviews and people have been raving about it!


Orchid Around is a barbie/orchid pink we have seen time and time again this spring from other brands. What’s different is that it has very fine silver shimmer running through it. The shimmer is almost not visible on the nail, at some angles you can see it. There is so much fine shimmer that it can look pearly metallic, this only happens when it catches the light just right though. The formula was pretty good, nearly opaque in one coat. This one of those colors that gives you an instant tan.

Orchid Around

Orchid Around- 2 coats, no top coat

It’s a notch darker than L’Oreal Hint of Lavender from their limited edition spring 2014 Haute Florals collection. These two are very similar, you don’t need both. It just comes down to whether you prefer a creme or shimmer polish.

Orchid Around, Hint of Lavender

Green polishes usually draw me in instantly. This one wasn’t screaming out my name from the beginning. From the bottle, Green Thumb looks like an ugly dirty grass green. This is a jelly polish with superb opacity that goes on the nail much darker than it appears in the bottle. Green Thumb dries super glossy due to its jelly formula. The formula was easily buildable, I used 2 coats. This turned out to be the perfect ugly green suited for autumn. I’m super excited for this! I don’t have a green like this and I know I will be breaking this out when the leaves start turning.

Green Thumb- 2 coats, no top coat

Dabbler is a dusty denim blue I was immediately drawn to. The formula was amazing! One coater! I love this color! Dusty shades always get me excited. I don’t have many dusty blues so I’m happy to add this to my collection. Dabbler is another polish I think is more suited for the fall season.

Dabbler- 2 coat, no top coat

Dabbler is a fusion of two of my favorite blues. Orly Snowcone and Flower Beauty Bluebell of the Ball (sold exclusively at Walmart stores). It’s exactly a mix of these two! If you’re looking for something dustier and a touch darker than Snowcone, this is a great choice. Bluebell of the Ball is much darker and more grayed out than the others.

Snowcone, Dabbler, Bluebell of the Ball

Yellow polish is notoriously known as the most annoying polish color. When I saw this yellow in the display, I know I had to try it. And it reminded me of a Sally Hansen polish that had been reformulated–more on that in a bit!

Sun Spots applied really well. This bright pastel yellow is easily one of the best yellows I have ever tried. I rarely wear a yellow polish, excluding neon yellows (I’ve been loving my KB Shimmer yellow I featured in a Mani Monday!). This is one I will definitely wear. It’s bright and instantly puts you in a good mood. I just prefer a pastel yellow versus a true yellow.

Sun Spots- 2 coats, no top coat

If you’re familiar with Sally Hansen, you’ll know they reformulated a number of their Xtreme Wear polishes a while back. The shades that were noticeably different colors all together were Pacific Blue and Mellow Yellow. Sun Spots remind me of Mellow Yellow in its original formulation. Now, it’s a mustardy yellow color that is completely different from its original bright true yellow. Sun Spots isn’t as bright as Mellow Yellow was. In the image they kind of blur together, the difference is more obvious in person.  It’s nice that we now have a polish in the Xtreme Wear line that is similar at least.

Sun Spots, Mellow Yellow

Compared to OPI I Just Can’t Cope-AcabanaSun Spots is lighter, the color of a cooked egg yolk. I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana looks a tiny bit orangey next to Sun Spots. I guess if we’re talking egg yolks, like one that’s almost all the way cooked. Hahaa.

Sun Spots, I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana

Now for the one you’ve been waiting for… or at least, this was the one I was the most excited for. Royal Hue is a hue awfully familiar. Like Sun Spots, it reminded me of a reformulated polish. Royal Hue is a whited out medium blue with a touch of periwinkle. This had the typical smelly blurple scent I have talked many times about. It applies darker than it looks in the bottle. The formula was very good, it had a decent amount of coverage in one coat. It’s not a straight up creme polish, it has a bit of a jelly formula. So it doesn’t apply as smooth and easy as a creme does. No need to worry though, it’s not very hard to work with.

Royal Hue- 2 coats, no top coat

How does this compare to the OG Pacific Blue from this brand? It’s many shades lighter and on the periwinkle side. These aren’t super similar. They’re distant relatives. They’re in the same color family but worlds apart. I love this color and I’m happy Sally Hansen added this to their permanent line but what about Pacific Blue?!?! The new polish that’s taken its place is horrendous!

Royal Hue, Pacific Blue

I own a number of periwinkle blues but nothing quite as dark as this one. It’s darker and a touch more blue than L’Oreal Spring Showers from their Haute Florals collection (check my review here). If you lucked out on the limited edition Spring Showers and you’re looking for something like it, Royal Hue is a great alternative. It’s not an exact dupe, but it’s pretty close.

For those that may ask, no it’s not even remotely similar to Essie Bikini So Teeny. It’s also many shades darker and more blue than OPI You’re Such a Budapest. Just a tip, at this moment, You’re Such a Budapest is on sale for $6.99 over at JCPenney.

Royal Hue, Spring Showers

I’m extremely xtremely happy that Sally Hansen has added all these new colors to their Xtreme Wear line. I’m not sure if this is an expansion to the range or if these will be replacing other less popular colors. I hope they continue to add more shades! Nothing disappointed me, yet nothing impressed me. These are all good, solid polishes. I’m still looking for a collection from this brand that will knock my socks off. I loved In Full Blue-m but it’s not what I’m looking for. I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for. Something different. Something amazing! That something is not in the Pearl Crush polishes (review here), I’ll tell you that! Sally Hansen, you are on my radar and I’m cheering for you. I know you can do better. I’m waiting for a polish that will be just as good or maybe even better than my cherished OG Pacific Blue!

Which polishes caught your eye in this new release? Don’t hesitate to let me know! My favorites were Royal HueSun Spots and DabblerGreen Thumb gets an honorable mention, though it’s a polish that will probably only get use from me in the fall.

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  1. Ariadna says:

    Thank you for reviewing these! I might have to get the blue and the yellow one, I want to wear blue on my nails but I’m afraid to use up my Pacific Blue!! So if I pick this blue up, it might satisfy my craving and it’s not that expensive. 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      It may not be as bright as Pacific Blue but it’s definitely in the same family, I hope it works out for you! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my review! If you’re looking for a Pacific Blue dupe, give Sinful Colors Endless Blue a try. I haven’t tried it out myself, but I’ve heard many raving about its similarity. I do think it’s a touch darker. Hey, for $2 it’s worth a try right? Plus Sinful Colors always goes on sale!
      Let me know if how you feel about Royal Hue if you end up picking it up! If you decide to pick up Endless Blue let me know how that turns out too. I’ve really been meaning to grab it myself, it just keeps slipping my mind!

  2. Annalea says:

    Nice swatches! Thank you for the comparison bottle shots. I bought Sun Spots and Royal Hue at Walgreens this week (on sale $2 each). They are beautiful. 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      What a deal! I hope you love them! I’ve gotta say, I love Royal Hue the most out of all of them. I’ve been trying to get more use out of my glitter polishes and I’ve found that it looks great as the base for most of them! Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at my blog and commenting. What a great way to start a day!

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