Sally Hansen Create & Ornate Collection LE Fall 2014

Sally Hansen has recently put up limited edition displays for fall. One of which caught my eye the other day at a trip to Walgreens. The limited edition Create & Ornate collection contains 4 matte polishes and 4 glitter effect polishes. I didn’t really care for the mattes, there was a black, navy red and cool-toned lime green. In my eyes, they weren’t anything special. Every time I see matte shades, I check if they look like any other colors from my collection. I would rather keep my money and just slap a matte top coat to the polish I already own than to spend more money on another one. Matte top coat, you are amazing.

This was the same trip I found the entire new limited edition Wet n Wild Megalast Matte line, which is full of beautiful semi-matte polishes. Click here to see my recent post on them. By the way, I love them! I already had some wonderful mattes in my basket, so of course I’m going to skip on the basic mattes presented by this Sally Hansen display.

The glitters. I’m sure that’s what everyone is really wondering about. I will be swatching and reviewing the Ornate portion of this display, so feast your eyes on these limited edition shard glitters. Let me tell you something, I have a weakness against shard glitters. Keep reading and check out these pictures. I layered them over some polishes from the new WnW Megalast Matte collection, so take a look if you want to see more on them too! You might make you want to stalk ALL your local drugstores for these new glitters.ornate

Rogue Red is a darling glitter full of red and pink shards in a tinted red base, probably due to the pigment coming off the red shards. Whenever these two colors are paired together, I instantly think, “Ohh! That would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!” Truth is, I’ve bought so many polishes with this in mine, but when Vday swings around, I almost never use these tradition colors on my nails for the holiday. It’s a very pretty and sweet. Sooo pretty, maybe I will use it this coming year…

IMG_2989Rogue Red — 1 coat over Wet n Wild So Berry on Trend

Filled with blue, green and coppery bronze flakes, I present Mind Your Manors. This one is the most interesting combination of the whole collection. You might think it looks too random and maybe even ugly, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover! It looks really nice on the nail, it instantly catches the eye because of all those colors you had originally thought were too random to look good. It brought life and allure to Distressed to Impress, a grayish brown shade from Wet n Wild’s new fall collection.

IMG_2993Mind Your Manors — 1 coat over WnW Distressed to Impress

Family Jewels is your typical winter combination of blue and silver. Of course, what’s not typical about it is that instead of your tradition hex or circle glitter, they’re shards! I think this looks great on blue or gray nail polish best, but to mix it up a chose to lay it on top of a purple.

IMG_2999Family Jewels — 1 coat over WnW Careful It’s Vine-tage

This next one, the color combination like Family Jewels isn’t the unique. Green and blue shards make up Court Jest. What’s so great then? Shard glitters. Seriously now, it has a tinted blue base, so it’s perfect for jelly sandwiches! If you look at the swatch below, there is so much dimension, and that is just one coat of this stuff! Due to the tinted base, it looks so squishy! If painted on top of a dark color, it’ll give you a gorgeous galactic look.

IMG_3004Court Jest — 1 coat over WnW Echo Dark

Just for fun, I added a layer of Family Jewels on top of this. It looks okay, but I think like the sparse look a little more. These would look better layered with a jelly polish. Jelly shard sandwich anyone?

IMG_30051 coat of Family Jewels & Court Jest over WnW Echo Dark 

That was the ornate portion of the new limited edition Sally Hansen Create & Ornate (royal statements) collection. All in all, if you spot these, grab them! Once word gets out about these, I’m sure they’re going to quickly disappear. My top picks would be Mind Your Manors for its uniqueness and Court Jest for its jelly look.
Do keep in mind though, these are shard glitters and shards are pointy. Sometimes the flakes don’t lay flat. If they dry that way, they could stick up off the nail and scratch you. Since they’re not held down by polish all around, they can easily peel off.

If you want to check out more on Sally Hansen limited edition fall collections and shard glitters, check out my post on the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fall 2014 Designer Collection (coming soon)!

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