Sally Hansen NYFW Designer Collection Fall 2014

New York Fashion Week has arrived. I adore New York. I love the city to death. NYFW is a huge event that I look forward to every year, but it’s not just for the clothes and accessories. I await the newest trends in nails as well. Sometimes, I draw inspiration from the runway for my next manicure.

Every year, Sally Hansen puts out a collection in honor of this fabulous event. This year, they put out a collection with three categories: Fall Pastels, Glam Sequins, and Dark Romance. I was interested in some colors from Dark Romance, but I decided to pass. At $8 a polish, I would rather skip out on a polish I feel I might own something similar to. Plus, I need to keep in control the crazy nail polish monster in me! I bought two polishes both from the Glam Sequins portion of the collection. They are both shard glitters designed by Tracy Reese.


I actually bought these glitters along with the Xtreme Wear Ornate glitters, so I had a basket full of shard glitters. The girl that rung me up even made fun of it! Read on for more on these two glittery stunners.

 Shattered Stars is a simple silver shard glitter. Very easy to apply, great opacity in one coat. It was easy to distribute the glitter over the entire nail. After acquiring Gilded in Gold from the Maybelline Jewels Collection, it brought to my attention that in my entire collection full of numerous glitter polishes, I did not have a single silver shard glitter. I’m glad I picked this one up and since it is simply silver, the variation of nail looks are endless!

IMG_2979Shattered Stars – 1 coat over Essie Boxer Shorts

Chili Flakes is the name of this next nail polish and the name really suits it well. It is a mixture of red, silver and gold shard glitters in a lightly tinted red base, which is probably the cause of the red flakes in this polish. I love all these colors mixed up into one, well done Tracy Reese! In the bottle, it really does look like chili flakes. On the nails, when it catches the light it’s beautiful. The way it reflects the light is gorgeous.

IMG_2985Chili Flakes – 1 coat over Wet n Wild Lac – My Mani?

Once applied, I thought it looked like Rogue Red from Sally Hansen’s Create & Ornate Collection I had recently done a post on, so here’s a comparison of them both. Chili Flakes is more eye catching and interesting because of the mixture of gold, silver and red shards, but if you don’t want to spend $8 on it, you could grab Rouge Red about $4. For half the price, Rouge Red gives the almost the same look. If you’re okay with spending a little more, I think Chili Flakes is worth it. There’s nothing like it and I do like the way these Complete Salon Manicure shard polishes apply better than the Xtreme Wear ones.IMG_3008Middle & Pinky: Chili Flakes
Index & Ring: Rogue Red
Applied over Wet n Wild Rouge 66

So those are the only two polishes I picked up from the new Fall 2014 Designer Collection from Sally Hansen. One classic versatile glitter you should snatch up and another spicy choice. Hah, Chili Flakes does spice a mani up! If you’re a nail polish lover, these are no doubt must haves. If you’re not that into nail polish and you just want to try out shard glitters, go with Shattered Stars. Don’t forget, this whole collection is limited edition! If you’re interested, get -em before they’re gone!


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