Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Color Destinations Passport to Rio Glitters

A few weeks ago, CVS was having a buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion on Sally Hansen. I took this opportunity to check out a few nail polishes I had my eye on, including these new multi-colored matte glitters from their Color Destinations Passport to Rio collection. There are eight nail polishes in this Xtreme Wear collection, but I heard these bubble like crazy! I was originally going to pass on these because of this issue, but I had to take advantage of the deal at CVS and try on these unique polishes.

Off the bat, I knew these polishes would need some work to apply nicely. The nail polished moved slowly inside the bottle, I knew this formula was going to be thick and I was going to need to take some time to fish out the glitter. Nonetheless, I still bought them.  I really wanted to know if these were as problematic as everyone says. Would the bubbling be noticeable? Would it bother me as much? Could it be applied differently to avoid the problem?

I picked out four from the eight shades. Pictured below starting from the left are, Beach BallCarnivalSplash, and Samba. Each topper with be applied over a Sally Hansen nail polish.


I decided to pair each of these toppers with Sally Hansen nail polishes, it’s only fitting, right? First up, we have Carnival paired with Mellow Yellow, a part of their core collection. Carnival contains a rainbow of matte glitters, red, pink, white, yellow, green, blue, black, this one has them all!

Before applying, I wiped off some of the clear base from the brush. This way, I was able to build the glitter without getting a thick layer of nail polish over my nail. This is one coat and no top coat. For the middle and ring fingers, I took the brush and fished out the glitter hanging onto the sides of neck of the bottle and applied onto the nails. I used the glitter on the  sides since they were not heavily coated with the clear base and I was able to get a look I was satisfied with, also without bubbles! On my ring finger in the picture above, you can see towards the tip that it was starting to get thick. I was happy with the product I got, but I wanted to see how 2 coats would look -just for fun.

1 coat, no top coat


Looks alright huh? I used the same method as before to apply.

2 coats, no top coat

Here’s a close up. Look ma! No bubbles!



Here’s my second pick from this collection, SambaSamba is green themed, with white, light green and light blue matte glitters. I paired it with Statemint, a core shade from Sally Hansen’s new Triple Shine line. I really like how this one turned out. I used the same method as before to apply.

I love how Samba Statemint look together. How can I describe how these two look together? Hmm.. it’s a happy combo. The colors from this look just seem so cheery. A similar color is Green with Envy from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear collection.

1 coat, no top coat


Two coats, same method of application and still no bubbling!

2 coats, no top coat


Here is their bluey glitter combination of white, blue and light blue, named Splash. I applied Splash over Lacey Lilac from Sally Hansen’s core Xtreme Wear collection.

1 coat, no top coat


Now that I know how to apply these without bubbles, let’s see how they work under normal methods of application. This time for the second coat I did not wipe the brush, I lightly dabbed at the glob on the end of the brush. Pictured below is my result.

2 coats, no top coat


Looks good right? Right.

Wait, let’s look closely. Man, they’re there. Bubbles.


Okay, so yes. The bubbling problem exists. Hey, it’s not too bad right?

Let’s meet Beach Ball, my final pick from this collection. I paired this one with the famous original Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen’s core Xtreme Wear collection. #savepacificblue 

This time, I applied my first coat normally, nothing special, just lightly dabbing off some of the clear base then applying what was on the brush right onto my nails. There were some minuscule bubbles, but I was fine with it.

1 coat, no top coat.


Now for two coats. I already had an idea of how this would turn out, but I went for it anyway. Here’s the result of my experiment. Woah. No Bubbles?

2 coats, no top coat


Nope. It’s bubble city in the picture above. Can you see it? Here, let me help you with a close up in natural lighting. I even added top coat to try to fix things. Did not help in the least.

2 coats with top coat


Bubble city. Want to know something worse? This took forever to dry. These polishes have such thick clear bases that when you apply the straight up like this without wiping all the extra glop, they take hours to dry.

Overall, I really like these glitter polishes. Sure, they do require a bit of work, but they’re nice. Did I mention they are $2.99 per bottle? I am happy I grabbed these during the sale at CVS, it reduced the price to a little over two dollars, $2.25 per bottle. The time you need to dedicate to make these look good is a small sacrifice, these are unique and inexpensive, a combination that is rare in the nail polish world.

Of the four, my favorite would be Samba. It looks great with a lime green like StatemintBeach Ball is nice too and with July 4 coming up, we all want out nails to match the occasion, but there are much better red, white and blue glitters out there. Hard Candy Soda Pop ($4) is a good one, or  if you want to splurge a little, there’s Sephora’s Formula X Liberty top coat ($12.50).

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