Rimmel Salon Pro NEW Shades: Saturn & Mercury

I feel like I’ve been busy with new collections coming at me from left and right. There have been great ones from popular brands like OPI and Orly and some phenomenal ones from indie brands that I’m looking into. You know where there hasn’t been any polish news from lately? The drugstore. As I was wandering the drugstore the other day, unimpressed by the lack of new nail polish collections, I stumbled upon these new polishes from Rimmel. Hm, would it be more proper if I called it Rimmel London? Or is Rimmel acceptable?

These two shades are part of their Salon Pro line and were created by Kate Moss. The proof is in the little ‘Kate stamp of approval’ on the lower right of the bottles. They were nestled in the Rimmel display and there wasn’t a separate display, nor was there anything to indicate these were new. These are indeed new to the US. These were part of the fall collection over in the UK and have now come over to the states. The timing’s a little off but early bird gets the worm right?


Before we begin, let’s address a few things. These bottles are cylindrical and their caps match the bottles except they are cut at a slant. These caps are clunky and frankly, annoying. The brushes of this polishes are also that. They are wide and flat, which is a problem for someone like me with small nails. They are most like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure brushes. I found I had to be a little more careful than with a normal brush in order to avoid straying polish.


Saturn is a warm brown with golden olive shimmer. This one screams fall. Oh my gosh, this is the quintessential fall polish. I’m going to need to pull this out once the weather gets brisk and the leaves begin turning!


Saturn- 2 coats, no top coat

Once I picked this one up, I knew it looked like something else I had seen before. I’ve seen swatches of Butter London’s Wallis and I had always been intrigued with the polish, expect the price is disagreeable. So when I saw this, I thought it could be a dupe for Wallis. Sadly, the golden shimmer in Saturn is not nearly as in your face as in Wallis. This is bad if you’re looking for a dupe that’s more cost-friendly. It’s not totally bad though, if you’re looking for something more subdued and maybe even more sophisticated, give Saturn a try.

The second is named Mercury. This is a frosty olive green with bronzey gold shimmer. Obviously another great fall shade. For me, this makes me think of that in-between stage leaves go through when they’re turning from green to shades of copper. It’s a frost, so brushstrokes are sure to follow.

When I picked this one up, I didn’t expect it to wow me very much. I’m not one for olive green or dirty greens. Yet, there is something in this that makes me love it.


Mercury- 2 coats, no top coat

This polish reminds me of Milani’s Florence from the Fierce Foil Collection a few months back. That polish was chunky and lumpy, I just didn’t like it. This is what I hoped Florence could have been. I don’t have a comparison between these two because of the little mishap with my bottle of Florence. You can read all about that from the blog post. All I have all the single swatches from that post and this one. Sorry about that!

This line claims to last for up to 10 days because of the incorporation of Lycra in the formula. It’s said to be chip resistant and dries with a gel shine finish. I don’t think these dry any shinier than other polishes, though it’s hard to tell when it comes to shimmers. The formula performs much like any other regular nail polish I own, which means a good two solid days chip-free.

These two are perfect manicure shades for fall. Although that’s a few months away, I’m still glad I went and bought them. These two may look like ugly colors but trust me when I say you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They make me wish for the cool weather and beautiful fall foliage as I eat my watermelon on this 80 degree day we are having! These are priced at $5 each and have joined Rimmel’s permanent line. No worries, they’ll still be there once September comes along!

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