Rimmel NEW 60 Seconds Nail Polish Shades

Rimmel nail polish has been pretty under the radar. I enjoy the nail polishes in their 60 seconds range and I even did a review on their Rita Ora collection a while back. Excluding the Rita Ora polishes, the 60 seconds range have polishes of great pigmentation and good formulas. I was always disappoint to see that had such a limited variety of colors, I think less than 20 shades. So I was happy to see the addition of new colors to their line, even if it’s just a few. Each polish retails for just $1.69 so you can grab all of them if you’d like without damaging your bank account. For me, I bought 2. I’m still a little scarred from my most recent encounter with Rimmel polishes.


Rimmel is a UK brand and their collection of products is way more extensive there, in comparison to the tiny Rimmel displays here in the US. These nail polishes have been released in the UK a very long time ago, but they have just started appearing here.

Mind the Gap, Victoria is a cornflower blue. I’ve seen heaps of these periwinkle shades lately and I’m not even sick of them yet. This shade has a strong ‘blurple smell’. It’s the smell when you open any blurple polish, like Sally Hansen’s (original) Pacific Blue. I liked the formula of Mind the Gap, Victoria and the full brush made it easy. If you’re wondering, yes, this is much better than those bad Rita polishes. Love.

Mind the Gap, Victoria- 2 coats, no top coat

Here’s a pic of Mind the Gap, Victoria next to Spring Showers from L’Oreal’s new Haute Florals collection for spring 2015. Spring Showers is more purple while Mind the Gap, Victoria is more blue. I can’t choose between these two, you need both!

(L-R) Mind the Gap, Victoria and Spring Showers

For my second pick, I chose the most risky polish color of all; a yellow. Round and Round in Circles is a pale lightly frosted yellow. The frosty shimmer is hardly noticeable. I used just 2 coats, that’s not bad for such a white yellow. I could have gone for 3 though.

Round and Round in Circles- 2 coats, no top coat

These two are staple colors that should be in the collection of any polish lover. If don’t have polishes of these colors, I’d say this is a good place to start. If you have shades like this already, skip these. They’re not unique enough for you to run out and immediately scour stores for them. They’re just good. They perform well and they’re great colors for spring.

If you find Rimmel on sale, these are a steal! Even at normal price, they’re just $1.69 so you can grab one or two without too much at stake. If you want to try any of the colors out, I would definitely recommend Mind the Gap, Victoria.

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