Revlon Boho Chic by Gucci Westman

The drugstore has been lacking in the glitter department for a while now. It seems brands have finally noticed and glitters are rolling out from left to right. It’s not the holidays without glitz and glam too, of course. Every year, Revlon teams up with designer Gucci Westman for a collection, this year’s theme and title is Boho Chic.

There are 4 polishes released in this collection, 3 glitters and one shimmery duochrome shade. I opted out of the duochrome, Bohemian, a shimmery teal. I have too many of those already to justify buying another. Luckily, if I ever want to try it, it’s going to be part of their permanent range. Of course I chose the 3 glitters, they’re jelly glitters!

Out of the glitter polishes, just one is permanent. That means the other two are limited edition! If you want to see if these two are worth buying (while they’re still available), or want to see which one is the new addition to Revlon’s nail polish line, keep reading.


First, let me tell you about these glitters as a whole. They all dry with texture, due to the crazy amounts of glitter. There’s a mix of tiny bar and hex glitter in a variation of sizes. Some of the polishes dry rougher, but overall, you’ll probably want to top coat these babies. They’re all jam packed with glitter and surrounded by a complimentary jelly base. As a result, be prepared for extreme dimension.

They dry with a whole lot of chunk, so be generous with the top coat. The ones with more glitter than base really eat it up, so don’t be afraid to add more layers of top coat to get it smooth. Layers are key, apply your top coat in layers rather than one thick glop. That smooth glossy finish will come, just be patient. You don’t want it to look like you have some kind of slime on your nails or have your polish looking uneven.

There’s sort of a technique you have to use when applying these. Get your brush coated and add a dollop to the top of the nail, closest to the nail bed, then spread the polish around. Be sure to use very little pressure when doing this, you don’t want to maneuver the glitter too much or else you’ll end up with bald sports. Doing this is essential for getting the best look out of these polishes. Don’t worry about drying time, since it’s not total polish, it’ll just take a few extra minutes. Glitter polishes always dry faster than others.

This orange fiery red, Confident is muy caliente! The small bar glitter and varying sizes of hex glitter really bring dimension to this spicy red. The formula was okay, just be sure to use the technique I described above. I recommend adding a layer of top coat to smooth things out. Without top coat it looks kind of shriveled up, so be sure to plump it up with your favorite top coat.

Confident- 2 coats, no top coat IMG_3555
Confident- 2 coats, with top coatIMG_3557

No collection is complete without a purple right? Edgy has fuchsia toned purple glitter in a grape purple base. The glitter reflects fuchsia and as I mentioned in my recent Zoya Matte Velvets post, this tone of purple and I do not mix. For strike two, the formula was terrible. Not Essie Bulgaria terrible, but pretty bad nonetheless. It was so thick and gloppy. The finish is much more textured than Confident, in turn, don’t be shy with that top coat! I used two coats myself. I’ve included plenty of photos to show the importance of a good helping of top coat.

I love the way it looks after top coat and all, but there was just too much work involved in making it look good. 2 coats of polish and 2 coats of top coat? That’s too many coats! I don’t know if I’d grab for this very frequently. If I want a glitter with a jelly base, I think I’ll just grab NY Princess from NYC’s Fashion Queen Collection. It’s way prettier anyway.

Edgy- 2 coats, no top coatIMG_3574
Edgy-2 coats, no top coat (natural light)IMG_3560
Edgy- 2 coats, with top coat (natural light)IMG_3563 
Edgy- 2 coats, with top coat (natural light)

Here’s Artsy, a new permanent shade to Revlon’s nail polish range. The formula on this one is the best out of these three polishes. This one is the easiest to apply. It flows smoothy and isn’t super chunky. Even dry, it’s only slightly bumpy. Don’t skip that top coat though, it’ll be even nicer with it.

The deep blue jelly base paired with the blue glitter makes me think of the beautiful and mysterious deep sea. Beauty and mystery in one? Fantastic formula and color? Love.

Artsy- 2 coats, no top coatIMG_3570
Artsy- 2 coats, with top coat

Jelly based glitters are always my favorite, so it’s no surprise that I like these. Artsy is my very favorite. Confident and Edgy are alright, but they both have their issues. Those two require more work (and thick layers of top coat) to look nice, but Artsy is pretty without all that extra effort. If you’re thinking of getting something from this collection, definitely go with Artsy. Don’t panic if you don’t see the new Boho Chic display near you, it’s a new permanent shade! Yep, no need to stress yourself out trying to look for it.

Don’t count out the others though. They’re nice, too. If you don’t mind putting in a little more elbow grease and the colors appeal to you, grab them now cause they’re limited edition!

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