Mani Monday| Different Dimensions Dream Come True

Have I bored you enough with my talk about the weather we’ve been having over here? Well, if you’re still interested, it’s finally starting to get warmer around here. After a brutal cold spell complete with freezing rain, I am breathing a sigh of relief.

Today’s Mani Monday is Dream Come True from Different Dimensions. This is from a haul I did a while back and I have tried every polish in that haul except for this one, so I thought, why not document this momentous occasion? Imagine the big grin on my face as I say this.

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OPI Love OPI, XOXO Collection | Holiday 2017

I am well aware it is now the second week of the new year and the holidays have come and gone. However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share the holiday collections. These are still available in store and just because it was geared towards the holidays, doesn’t mean you are suddenly unable to wear them the day after New Year’s.

I know what you’re thinking. Holiday collection? Really? Been there. These aren’t just holiday polishes. They’re not boring. OH boyyyyy. Just click and see!

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Essie Ring in the Bling | Winter 2017

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holiday went well!

It’s been insanely cold over here. Every time I step out, I lose feeling in my face, fingers and toes. It’s awful.

Ugh, winter. Why do you have to be such a PAINFULLY beautiful time of year?

Any how, today I have polished from the Essie Winter Collection to share. Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen these around…but they’re so beautiful let me take a whack at ‘em!

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Perfect Holiday Reds

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What are the holidays without the color red right?
Isn’t it funny how Santa, the man who knows if you’ve been bad or good dons this bold, naughty color?

It’s early December and before you know it, the holidays will be upon us and I can’t having you going about with anything boring on your digits. Embrace the holiday spirit. Grab a red and get to polishing, it’s an easy way to feel festive and like you’re the love interest in an old school film.

Maybe you don’t like the color red. Well, if you’ll give it a try, maybe it’ll make a pass at your heart. You can’t help but feel powerful when you have this color on. It’s the color of flames. It’s HOT.

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Zoya Sophisticates | Fall 2017

This is the very last and final fall collection I have to share with you until I start rolling out some holiday posts. It’s chilly out here I know you’re ready to move on with the seasons. Boy, I know I am!

We’ve had three snowstorms so far and it’s not even officially winter! It’s chicken soup and peppermint hot cocoa type of weather, so let’s get through with this!

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Glam Polish Magical Spells Collection

I wanted to follow up Monday’s post with more Glam Polish. So here’s the rest of my little Black Friday haul from them. I really had to constrain myself from buy every single one, now I regret it immensely ’cause the one I really want is out of stock!

The Magical Spells Collection was inspired by the Harry Potter series. If that doesn’t get you excited, one glance at these polishes and you’ll be rushing over to place an order.

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