Orly Sugar High Collection (Spring 2015)

Orly collections usually fly right past my radar. For some reason, they haven’t appealed to me recently. I have a bunch that I love from the brand. Orly Snowcone is one of my favorite blues ever! It’s a one coater with the perfect formula. I featured it in my Fourth of July mani last year. I was at Sally’s Beauty Supply the other day looking at the new Sugar High display. At first glance, I was going to pass on it. Then, this gorgeous pastel neon yellow demanded my attention. I picked it up and knew it had to leave with me. The Orly polishes were all buy 1 get 1 50% off so I went back for another look at the display… That day I left the store with a big smile and two new Orly polishes for my collection.

Frosting is a vanilla cream with a golden sheen. It perfectly represents frosting, so much so that I’m wishing for a cupcake right this second. This polish has a thin formula, I needed 3 coats cover the nail. Something about this color makes me think of the colder months. I can see myself wearing this during the winter, watching the snow come down and baking and frosting some delicious cupcakes.

Frosting- 3 coats, no top coatIMG_4912I don’t have anything like this. Frosting reminds me of another polish I own though. Frosting is like a softer version of OPI Ski Slope Sweetie from the Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection. Both of these have gold shimmer, one finer than the other. Frosting is a creme polish with a fine golden sheen. Ski Slope Sweetie is a pearly white with strong golden shimmer and sometimes even reflects some green and pink shimmer. Ski Slope Sweetie needs quite a few coats to build up opacity. I used 3 in the photo below and you can easily see my nail line.

I&R: Frosting, M&P: Ski Slope Sweetie

(L-R) Frosting, Ski Slope Sweetie

Key Lime Twist was the one I knew I had to get. This pastel neon lime yellow creme will catch anyone’s eyes. This color is amazing. It’s a pastel neon with the full force of a neon. It’s a subdued neon yellow creme polish. That means a white base is not necessary with this one. If you’ve owned a true neon and a pastel neon, you know exactly what I mean. The formula was on the thinner side, it wasn’t too bad. It was patchy with 2 coats, so a 3 was needed to smooth things out. If only the formula of this was creamier, it would have been perfection. Pastel neons are being released everywhere and by every brand these days. This has put Orly in the runnings for sure.

Key Lime Twist- 3 coats, no top coat

After seeing Key Lime Twist, Orly Glowstick must have popped into mind. How do they compare? Essentially, they are like milk and butter. Glowstick is a true neon, it’s a bright and florescent highlighter yellow with a super thin formula that needs a white base to truly pop. Glowstick dries to a semi-matte finish as all neons do. Key Lime Twist is a subdued version with white mixed in to create a hybrid pastel and neon. It has a formula that can build upon itself easily. Plus, it dries pretty shiny on it’s own but top coat is always a good thing. Due to their differences these are both must haves for me!

I&R: Key Lime Twist, M&P: Glowstick

(L-R) Key Lime Twist, Glowstick

Did you skip over the Orly collection too? For a while now, I wasn’t very excited about Orly’s polishes. Nothing seemed different. Key Lime Twist has got me pumped and ready for new releases from this brand. I can’t wait to see what they have prepared for their summer collection. I hope they’ll be bringing out fun new shades! We need more colors like Key Lime TwistFrosting was nice too, but that neon stole the show for sure.

Neons have arrived in full force and they are here to stay. This summer is going to be bright and flaming hot. So let’s get our nails ready! In the upcoming weeks embrace yourself for neons that’ll make you go bananas.

This collection is out in stores right now. You can get them where ever Orly is sold. I bought mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Ulta is another store I like to go to. There’s a mini kit being sold at Ulta with the shades Cake Pop, Key Lime Twist, Candy Shop, and Sweet Dreams ($15.99). The full collection is also available at $30 for all 6 shades from the Sugar High collection.


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