Orly Adrenaline Rush Collection for Summer 2015

Did I say the China Glaze Electric Nights Collection was my favorite for summer 2015? I may have discovered something that will take its 1st place spot. Summer collections are still being released left and right so there may even be others coming to challenge these great collections. For some reason, I have a feeling that this new on from Orly and the China Glaze collection will be firm and hold their top spots.

Orly seems to be a slept on brand. I want this to change and I’m sure Orly wants this to change. They’ve put out a fantastic array of colors this time around, this fun bright collection is just what the doctor ordered! The Sugar High Collection for spring this year wasn’t very exciting when it came to fun colors, all except for Key Lime Twist. That neon limey yellow had me wishing for more and now Orly has delivered. I couldn’t help getting the full collection and I’m thrilled to share them. My camera went just as crazy with these as I did! Just look how these glow in the picture below!

IMG_4271 copy

Let’s get everything started on a high note. Risky Behavior is a bright fuchsia pink with an amazing one coat formula. It glides on nice and smooth, it’s so easy. Creamy and bright. YES! It dries with a demi-matte, waxy finish, so top coat this to add that beautiful gloss.

Risky Behavior- 1 coat, no top coat

Risky Behavior- 1 coat, w/top coat

Risky Behavior is like a creamy version of OPI’s The Berry Thought of You from the new Brights Collection for this summer. The two are similar, though Risky Behavior is much brighter and has a neon quality about it.
If you’re looking something in this color family but much darker, the creamy purple Flowerista from Essie’s recent spring collection is worth checking out.

Risky Behavior, The Berry Thought of You

At most angles, Fireball looks like a neon cherry red. When the light hits it just perfectly, you begin to see the slight pearly blue shimmer it holds. This one is another with an amazing formula. It glides so easily. This one’s just a touch sheer on the first coat, so I used two to reach opacity. The blue shimmer makes it look a little grainy paired with the demi-matte finish even though it’s completely smooth to the touch.

Fireball- 2 coats, no top coat

Fireball- 2 coats, w/top coat

I don’t own many reds, let alone neon reds. So here’s a comparison with Red-y to Rave from China Glaze’s new summer collection. I initially thought they’d be closer in tone but these two are completely different. Fireball is a bright true neon red, Red-y to Rave is a pastel neon red. These are both amazing. If you don’t have these two, you need to go out and get them!

Fireball, Red-y to Rave

This next one’s a neon that’s truly a pastel neon. Unlike the shade from the Color Club collection, Push the Limit is a neon first and pastel second. Push the Limit is a eye searingly bright neon orangey coral with some definite white mixed in to give it that pastel feel. It’s one thing to describe this baby and another to see it, so I’m just gonna let you take a look first.

Push the Limit- 2 coats, w/top coat

This had a creamy formula, no surprise here. It applied a little patchy so I needed two coats to smooth it out. Sorry for the terrible shot, for some reason my camera has been acting up lately. I have a better shot of this over on the Instagram, though even in that pic it’s not true to color! It’s so much more bright and neon.


This one makes a better comparison to Red-y to Rave (China Glaze) than Fireball. Push the Limit has a peachy neon look and Red-y to Rave is more of a hot red coral. These two shades could be sisters, or close cousins.

On the nail, the shade reminds me of Flip Flop Fantasy. That shade is way too pink for me and it’s rare of me to pick that one up to use. I think Push the Limit will be getting lots of use this summer! Push the Limit screams toe color for sure!

Red-y to Rave, Push the Limit, Flip Flop Fantasy

This limey chartreuse neon is named Thrill Seeker. The formula on this one is different from the other amazing ones in this collection. It was thinner and needed to be manipulated a bit to get on nicely. I used thin coats and patiently applied three coats. The more I looked at it, the more it made me think of a neon granny smith apple. Man, I could go for some apple pie right about now… Thrill Seeker was the polish I had my eye on in this collection and I’m happy to say I’m just as in love with it as I thought I would be. The unique color makes up for the finicky formula.

I tried this alone and also on a white base. The base didn’t seem to make much of a difference. If you concentrate really hard, you can probably tell that the ones with the white base are a tad brighter than the rest. In my opinion, adding that white is really not necessary.

Thrill Seeker- 3 coats, no top coat
I&R: over white base, M&P: alone

Thrill Seeker in natural light

Thrill Seeker is a warm green neon, not a neon yellow like what’s been done time and time again. Still, I thought I would throw out a comparison with all my neon yellows and see how it looked alongside them all. Nothing here is in the same immediate family as Thrill Seeker. Though in the image, it may look like Glowstick is close, I can assure you it’s a different as day and night. Take a look over on my review of Key Lime Twist in the Sugar High Collection post to see the swatch of it.

The closest to Thrill Seeker of these three would be OPI’s Life Gave Me Lemons. It’s not as bright but it’s also a limey chartreuse. Thrill Seeker‘s like an intensified version. If you’re looking for Life Gave Me Lemons it was originally out last year for summer, it has been re-released in the new Brights Collection this year so it won’t be hard to find.

(L-R) Glowstick, Thrill Seeker, Life Gave Me Lemons, Key Lime Twist


So Thrill Seeker‘s not a neon yellow. It’s not exactly a neon green either. Here it is next to a true neon green from the Summer Brights Collection exclusive to Rite Aid. I have a swatch of this polish over on my Instagram for those curious.

Thrill Seeker, Summer Brights Green

Now back to the rich and pigmented formulas. Be Daring isn’t a neon. It’s actually pretty dark. Yet, it’s still so vibrant it gives the same effect as a neon would. The formula one this was great, another one coater. I did have to add a second layer to a few of my fingers, thanks to my inconsistent application. Again, these dry to a demi-matte finish so you’ve gotta add some top coat to make these really shine bright!

In person, it looked perfect and opaque. It seems that my camera picked up on some patchiness. Unless you really want to be sure of max coverage, you can get away with a single coat.

Be Daring- 1 coat, no top coat

Be Daring- 1 coat, w/top coat

Here is the darkest shade of the bunch and the last one from the collection. On the Edge is an inky purple indigo. This one coater may seem way to dark to be in a collection like this but it belongs. It pops against the skin and is just as much of a statement.

On the Edge- 1 coat, w/top coat

On the Edge in natural light

Here are some polishes that are similar to On the Edge. OPI My Car has Navy-gation is the closest and most similar. These two would be distant cousins. My Car has Navy-gation is a blue indigo, whereas On the Edge is a purple indigoThe difference is obvious in the swatch below.

(L-R) My Car has Navy-gation, On the Edge, Old Bond Street, Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?


Sometimes after swatching, I’m super tired out. With these, I was bouncing up and down with excitement. I’ve been waiting to share these with you and I hope you are as thrilled with these as I am. This Adrenaline Rush Collection has really gotten my adrenaline rushing and pumping. Hah, I just had to! These are the most neon of all the Summer 2015 collection I have seen from a mainstream brand. If you’re a polish lover, you’ve got to get your hands on these! This collection as a whole is a winner winner chicken dinner! Even the darker shades are great. If you’re looking to save some cash, the other four are top priority!

Now, did they really knock down China Glaze’s Electric Nights from the top spot? Not quite. These both are such amazing collections I think they may be sharing first place. The collection might be in the lead just a little though!

If you’re looking to purchase these, the whole collection is available in a set for $30 on Ulta’s website or $8 for each. There’s also a mini set with four shades: Push the Limit, Risky Behavior, Fireball and On the Edge for $16.80 also on Ulta.

For some better pics, please take a look over on Instagram! I think I really need to invest in a better camera, even my iPhone 5 takes better photos. Sad day.




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